By complementing or replacing natural sunlight, the breakthrough LUXEON SunPlus Series supports indoor and greenhouse farming by delivering precise light wavelengths and optimized spectra for improved crop yields.

LUXEON SunPlus CoB Line

The new LUXEON SunPlus CoB Line offers ease of design and high PPF density, which is advantageous for deep penetration into the plant canopy. The Purple (12.5% Blue) provides the right amount of PPF in the blue wavelength (420-280nm) for the application, in addition to getting PPF in the red (620-670nm) wavelength. By leveraging the existing ecosystem, lighting manufacturers of horticulture fixtures can achieve fast time to market.

LUXEON SunPlus 35 Line

The ideal solution for lighting placed a short distance from the plant canopy, the LUXEON SunPlus 35 Line radiates low heat and satisfies diverse plant lighting requirements. Offering a lower photon output per emitter, these innovative LEDs enable excellent uniformity for consistent plant growth. Plus, the LUXEON SunPlus 35, Purple is the only all-in-one horticulture-specific LED on the market that combines deep red and blue spectra—the two key wavelengths that are effective for photosynthesis—on a single chip.


LUXEON SunPlus 20 Line

These high-performance LEDs incorporate a single focal height and a variety of colors, enabling customized color-tunable solutions. The LUXEON SunPlus 20 Line provides total spectrum control to optimize light output for each growth stage, maximizing crop yields and energy savings.

LUXEON SunPlus 20LUXEON SunPlus 20 Colors

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