Matrix Platform

The Matrix Platform offers infinitely configurable LUXEON LED on advanced substrates, available in a virtually limitless range of options for any application. Instead of buying binned LEDs, customers can get the LUXEON LEDs that meet their complete design requirements on either a flexible or rigid substrate—making them ready for installation into their luminaire assembly.

The Matrix Platform is offered in more than 150 readily available solutions designed to work in the most common applications and use cases, as well as custom tailored solutions built to particular specifications.

Now with new Advanced Technologies, Matrix Platform empowers lighting manufacturers to create game-changing lighting solutions tailored to meet the most demanding design requirements and yield maximum supply chain value.

Advanced Technologies

Oberon Intelligent Assembly

This proprietary pick-and-place system features the industry’s only algorithmic LED mixing technology—guaranteeing consistent characteristics and performance board to board.

Unlike contract manufacturers that mix based on flux or Vf value of a binned LED, Oberon eliminates bins and selects LEDs based on specific test data. This results in higher flux, tighter color control, matched Vf strings and board-to-board consistency for applications where uniformity is important—from outdoor streetlights to indoor retail. 

Integrated Drivers

These application-specific topologies are designed to address the trend of incorporating more electronic components—including the all-important power source—into a fully integrated, driver-on-board LED system. Integrated Drivers can also be tailored to unique manufacturing requirements, helping amp up system-level optimization and cost-saving.

Integrated Light Guides

These advanced components soften high intensity LED pixels to create a more uniform light surface, an increasingly important end game as luminaire form factors become smaller and smaller. These ultra-thin Integrated Light Guides deliver an unprecedented level of light control and create more visually pleasing light and enhanced ambiance.

Dimming Electronics

This patented circuitry technology allows LEDs to mimic the warm, yellow dimming pattern that is the hallmark of halogen bulbs by controlling both a warm and a cool LED with two drivers that pair seamlessly with simple single channel drivers. Ideal for interior and accent lighting, this emerging technology allows manufacturers to balance the brightness of each fixture to create a desired warm effect on dimming. 

Connectivity and Controls

This sophisticated functionality allows lighting designers to bring cutting-edge luminaires to market that can be controlled remotely, using apps or other devices. To proactively address connectivity expectations in the IoT (Internet of Things) era, Lumileds has leveraged driver-based integration best practices to pioneer state-of-the-art Connectivity and Controls technology. Thanks to a robust selection of supported wired and wireless protocols intelligently integrated into the electronics of the LED system, manufacturers can count on an accelerated time to market.


LUXEON XR-5050 SQR products are LED modules optimized for lighting applications requiring high efficacy LED arrays mounted on a rigid and thermally conductive substrate. These versatile building blocks feature 8, 12 or 16 LUXEON 5050 Square LEDs on a MCPCB substrate, electrical connectors, and are designed for ease of system integration, faster time to market, and use with industry standard optics. LUXEON XR-5050 SQR is a complete solution when used in combination with standard third party optics and heatsinks.

– Efficacy and luminous flux of up to 180lm/W and 5600lm available
– Three CCT and 2 CRI options available: 2700K, 3000K and 4000K;70CRI and 80CRI
– Superior board level color control of ≤ 3SDCM
– Excellent case to heatsink thermal resistance of 3.5K/Wth
– Design compatible with standard third party optics
– Features LUXEON 5050 Square LEDs with industry-leading efficacy and lumens in multi-die, high power package
– 5-year guarantee


UXEON XR-7070 product is a standard integrated module compatible with off-the-shelf drivers, optics, and heat sinks. Four LUXEON 7070 LEDs are built on a MCPCB substrate for thermal efficiency and mechanical robustness. Using this standard module eliminates LED-assembly engineering costs, tooling costs, and material inventory costs. With this versatile building-block approach, it simplifies system integration and accelerates time-to-market.

– Efficacy and luminous flux of up to 170lm/W typical and 5400lm available.
– Available CCT/CRI options: 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, 4000K, 5000K (70 & 80 CRI)
– Superior board-level color control of ≤ 3SDCM
– MCPCB for efficient heat dissipation and mechanical robustness
– UL 8750, ENEC, CE, UKCA compliance
– 5-year limited guarante