May 21, 2019

With White Color Tuning, the Simple Approach Works Best

Category: Illumination

The most elegant solutions are always simple. When we decided to pursue a holistic solution for white color tuning, our basic approach produced the best results. Existing color tuning methods work by combining either two or three phosphor-converted blue LEDs of different color temperatures, and controlling the output of each to achieve the tuned white range. Unfortunately, these methods often do a poor job of staying on the blackbody curve during tuning, so the control scheme is complex. LED utilization is also low (see an overview on tuning from the U.S. Department of Energy).

LUXEON Fusion technology takes a novel approach to tuning, combining the best LEDs with our proprietary phosphors to produce high quality, dynamically tunable white light. This technology provides breakthrough color rendering (CRI >90) across 96% of the range from 2700K to 6500K, with constant light output, high efficacy and outstanding color stability with precise control of the color point on or off the black body line. We offer LUXEON Fusion exclusively on the Matrix Platform of configurable systems with the benefits of low inventory, immediate supply, and a single channel driver in many configurations. LED count is lower compared to conventional color tuning schemes, leading to more compact, higher performing fixtures.

LUXEON Fusion was developed to tear down the roadblocks keeping white color tuning from moving into the mainstream for architecture, education, office, retail and home environments. LUXEON Fusion on the Matrix Platform addresses three of the fastest growing white light tuning fields: dim to warm for ambiance; human centric lighting; and CCT tunable smart fixtures.

With LUXEON Fusion, color temperature can be set post installation or tweaked in the venue, for the first time ever. Alternatively, if a fixture is offered with a variety of color temperature options, light engine CCT can be set at the LED manufacturer, at the fixture manufacturer or in the field. Having one light engine that can be set anywhere from 1800K to 10000K is convenient and helps to reduce inventory and meet changing demand.

Check out LUXEON Fusion for next-generation white light tuning.

LUXEON Fusion in retail environments connects lighting with brand identity, using a chosen color tone consistently throughout a store and from store to store worldwide.