LUXEON CoB LEDs is a family of products that enables easy to design lighting applications. Due to their efficacy and thermal resistance, LUXEON CoB LEDs stand out in the market. In addition, their small Light-Emitting Surface (LES) makes them very easy to work with and will enable easier and less expensive designs. All LUXEON CoB LEDs are available in 3-step (80 and 90CRI) MacAdam ellipse, ensuring uniform optical performance in general LED lighting applications.



Retail and hospitality lighting needs are crystal clear:  very high efficacy and excellent quality of light that makes colors pop and encourages customers to engage with displays and products. LUXEON CoB Core Pro
delivers the light and efficacy along with long-life and color stability for high value installations.

LUXEON CoB Core Range

LUXEON CoB Core Range LEDs are ideal for use in general lighting solutions including outdoor, industrial, retrofit lamps, spotlights and downlights. Recently introduced was the industry-leading Gen 2 of the LUXEON CoB Core Range, featuring 10% higher lumens and 10% higher efficacy.

LUXEON CoB Core Range LEDs are ideal for:

  • Spotlights / downlights
  • Single shadow beam
  • Ease of design

LUXEON CoB Core Range - High Density

LUXEON CoB Core Range – High Density focuses on achieving the highest Center Beam Candle Power (CBCP). With a focus on 6, 9 and 11mm Light Emitting Surfaces, we can cover a flux range as high as 8,000 lumens. Using the mechanical dimensions of our LUXEON CoB Core Range, the High Density range will also benefit from the ability to utilize existing an ecosystem of holders, optics and drivers.

  • Highest flux densities with industry’s smallest LES
  • 3-step MacAdam ellipse color definition: Freedom from Binning for color  consistency from luminaire to luminaire
  • Up to 4x lower thermal resistance than competition, enabling smaller  heatsinks and higher lumens
  • Supported by a comprehensive optical, mechanical and electrical ecosystem

LUXEON CoB Core Range PW

LUXEON CoB with CrispColor Technology

LUXEON CoB with CrispWhite Technology

CrispWhite Technology is an innovative, award-winning technology that is available in both the Compact and Core Ranges.

LUXEON CoB with FreshFocus Technology

LUXEON CX Plus CoB – High Density

LUXEON CX Plus CoB – High Density (Below BBL)

LUXEON CX Plus CoB (Gen 2)


LUXEON XR-5050 SQR products are LED modules optimized for lighting applications requiring high efficacy LED arrays mounted on a rigid and thermally conductive substrate. These versatile building blocks feature 8, 12 or 16 LUXEON 5050 Square LEDs on a MCPCB substrate, electrical connectors, and are designed for ease of system integration, faster time to market, and use with industry standard optics. LUXEON XR-5050 SQR is a complete solution when used in combination with standard third party optics and heatsinks.

– Efficacy and luminous flux of up to 180lm/W and 5600lm available
– Three CCT and 2 CRI options available: 2700K, 3000K and 4000K;70CRI and 80CRI
– Superior board level color control of ≤ 3SDCM
– Excellent case to heatsink thermal resistance of 3.5K/Wth
– Design compatible with standard third party optics
– Features LUXEON 5050 Square LEDs with industry-leading efficacy and lumens in multi-die, high power package
– 5-year guarantee


UXEON XR-7070 product is a standard integrated module compatible with off-the-shelf drivers, optics, and heat sinks. Four LUXEON 7070 LEDs are built on a MCPCB substrate for thermal efficiency and mechanical robustness. Using this standard module eliminates LED-assembly engineering costs, tooling costs, and material inventory costs. With this versatile building-block approach, it simplifies system integration and accelerates time-to-market.

– Efficacy and luminous flux of up to 170lm/W typical and 5400lm available.
– Available CCT/CRI options: 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, 4000K, 5000K (70 & 80 CRI)
– Superior board-level color control of ≤ 3SDCM
– MCPCB for efficient heat dissipation and mechanical robustness
– UL 8750, ENEC, CE, UKCA compliance
– 5-year limited guarante