LUXEON SunPlus Horticulture LEDs are designed specifically for horticulture LED lighting in greenhouses, vertical farming, and agriculture.

LUXEON SunPlus 20 Line

These high-performance LEDs incorporate a single focal height and a variety of colors, enabling customized color-tunable solutions. The LUXEON SunPlus 20 Line provides total spectrum control to optimize light output for each growth stage, maximizing crop yields and energy savings.

  • 120° and 150° viewing angle of choice for to support designs for different environments and growing applications
  • Two package options 2.0mm x 2.0mm and 3.5mm x 3.5mm for design freedom

LUXEON SunPlus 2835 Line

This line of purpose-built LEDs for horticulture enables growers to maximize their crop yields. Designed specifically for interweaving or vertical farming applications, LUXEON SunPlus 2835 Line LEDs deliver perfect uniformity at short distances and are offered in a variety of individual colors so users can design their own spectra—as well as ready-made color points already designed to maximize yields. The LUXEON SunPlus 2835 Line includes options for single driver solutions and multi-channel, color tunable solutions.

  • 120° angle for uniform light distribution for greenhouse, vertical farming and interweaving applications
  • 2.8 x 3.5mm package

LUXEON SunPlus 3030

SunPlus 3030 is a superior high efficacy, mid power package – the same “go-to-package” that’s enabling the global growth of high quality and efficient luminaires. Serving a wide range of horticulture applications that utilize broad-spectrum white light, SunPlus 3030 delivers top rated μmol/J and PPF (μmol/s) performance and long lifetime with CCTs ranging from 2200K to 6500K and CRIs of 70, 80, and 90.

  • 3.0 x 3.0 package footprint
  • Top rated μmol/J and PPF (μmol/s) performance
  • Ideal solution for horticulture applications that utilize broad-spectrum white light

LUXEON SunPlus 35 Line

The ideal solution for lighting placed a short distance from the plant canopy, the LUXEON SunPlus 35 Line radiates low heat and satisfies diverse plant lighting requirements. Offering a lower photon output per emitter, these innovative LEDs enable excellent uniformity for consistent plant growth. Plus, the LUXEON SunPlus 35, Purple combines deep red and blue spectra—the two key wavelengths that are effective for photosynthesis—on a single chip.

  • 3.5mm x 3.5mm package footprint

LUXEON SunPlus 5050

LUXEON 5050 Horticulture is a multi-die, higher power robust package using an industry-standard 5050 surface mount package with a small Light Emitting Surface (LES). LUXEON 5050 Horticulture delivers top-rated μmol/J and PPF (μmol/s) performance and long lifetime with CCTs ranging from 2200K to 5700K and CRIs of 70, 80, and 90. It offers hot-color targeting to ensure that the LEDs are within color target at application conditions of 85°C.

  • Superior lm/W enables outstanding efficacy in end application
  • Extremely reliable package design affirms long lifetime in hash environments.
  • Robust coating design for enhanced sulfur protection capability
  • Two voltage configurations are compatible with low cost high efficacy drivers
  • Low Rth enables effective thermal dissipation design for higher efficiency
  • Hot-color targeting ensures color is within ANSI bin at 85°C
  • 3-step and 5-step MacAdam ellipse binning structure ensures excellent color uniformity


LUXEON SunPlus CoB Line

The LUXEON SunPlus CoB Line offers ease of design and high PPF density, which is advantageous for deep penetration into the plant canopy. The Purple (12.5% Blue) provides the right amount of PPF in the blue wavelength (420-280nm) for the application, in addition to getting PPF in the red (620-670nm) wavelength. By leveraging the existing ecosystem, lighting manufacturers of horticulture fixtures can achieve fast time to market.  LUXEON SunPlus CoB Line includes three different LES sizes:  15mm, 19mm, and 32mm.

  • 115° angle for directional light distribution for greenhouse applications
  • Ideal solution for more directional horticulture applications that require a high light output and wattage


LUXEON SunPlus HPE achieves the highest PPF and PPE with the industry-standard footprint of 3.5mm x 3.5mm. It enables the growers to effectively improve crop growth, reduce energy consumption and make agriculture more sustainable. The LUXEON SunPlus HPE is a deep red LED with a peak wavelength of 660mn and is specially designed to enable the highest-quality LED solutions for horticulture applications.

  • High power deep red ceramic LED with 660nm peak wavelength
  • High PPF and PPE specified at 25°C and 85°C
  • Industry standard footprint 3.5mm x 3.5mm