The Lumileds General Terms of Sale can be found below.

The version applicable in your relationship with Lumileds is determined by the country in which the Lumileds entity selling the goods or services is incorporated.

Lumileds EntityApplicable Version
Lumileds Iluminação Brasil Ltda. Brazil
Lumileds Commercial Canada Inc. Canada
Lumileds (Jiaxing) Technology Co., Ltd.
Lumileds (Shanghai) Management Co., Ltd.
Lumileds (Shanghai) Technology Co., Ltd.
Lumileds Technology (Hubei) Co., Ltd.
Lumileds France SAS France
Lumileds Germany GmbH Germany
Lumileds Hong Kong Co. Limited Hong Kong
Lumileds India Private Limited India
Lumileds Italy Srl Italy
Lumileds Japan GK Japan
Lumileds Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. Malaysia
Altilon de Mexico, S.A. de C.V.
Altilon Services, S.A. de C.V.
Lumileds Holding B.V.
Lumileds International B.V.
Lumileds Netherlands B.V.
Lumileds Poland S.A. Poland
Lumileds Eurasia Limited Liability Company Russia
Lumileds Singapore Pte. Ltd. Singapore
Lumileds Korea Ltd. Korea
Lumileds Luxeon de Iberia, S.L. Spain
Lumileds Sweden AB Sweden
Lumileds Taiwan Co., Ltd. Taiwan
Lumileds (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Thailand
Lumileds LLC USA