LUXEON FlipChip Royal Blue

Customers now have complete design flexibility to access Lumileds industry leading performance at the die level and customize the phosphor and packaging to best suit their lighting applications with LUXEON FlipChip Royal Blue. LUXEON FlipChip Royal Blue is a real Chip Scale Package (CSP) LED that can be attached by reflow without additional packaging. Traditional wire bonding limits the packing and power density of LEDs. LUXEON FlipChip Royal Blue LEDs can be packaged closer and can be driven at a higher current density, therefore requiring fewer emitters to achieve a higher lumen output at higher lumen densities.

Features & Benefits

  • Micro sized CSP: 0.5mm2 package for design flexibility and packing density
  • No wire bonds allows for SMT direct attach and reflow
  • 5-sided emitter enables wide viewing angle
  • 445–460nm wavelength range for dispense and remote phosphor applications
  • Low thermal resistance of 2.5°K/W (0.5mm2) for leading system level lm/$
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Product performance at test current, Tj=25°C.

Dominant Wavelength (nm) Radiometric Power (mW) Test Current
Part Number
Minimum Maximum Minimum Typical
0.5 445 450 275 287 175 L0F2-B445050002751
450 455 275 287 175 L0F2-B450050002751
455 460 275 287 175 L0F2-B455050002751


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