Incandescent Signaling Products

High performing bulbs for every signaling application

From front, side or rear indicator lights to stop, fog, and license plate lights, we have high performing and long-lasting lamps for every vehicle.

  • Compact bulbs that allow for stylish modern design.
  • Superior light performance enhances road safety.
  • Robust design features ensure long-lasting bulbs.
  • Low wattage options for reduced power consumption.
  • Compatible with a wide range of applications.

Discover our upgrade signaling range

Get signaling lights that provide superior light performance, safety and style


Upgraded color temperature for position and interior lighting

For both position and interior lighting, W5W NBV easily upgrades to a higher color temperature, for applications using basic W5W. With 3300K, the NBV version allows you to improve the color match with other LED lighting, while minimizing the cost of doing so.

R37 homologated and manufactured in natural colored glass, W5W NBV standard and LL lamps provide stability over time and temperature and resists to mechanical constraints generated for instance by automatic insertion.


Compact, efficient, robust and stylish

The miniature size of our halogen signaling range gives you the freedom to design modern, sleek and stylish light units. However, small doesn’t mean fragile. The HML range is still extremely robust, and highly resistant to shocks and vibrations. With high luminous efficiency, they also reduce power consumption.

  • Compact size – Space-saving allows for stylish design.
  • Halogen bulbs – Higher light output, stable quality and accurate geometry.
  • Broad portfolio – Four different wattages, amber and clear bulbs, Standard LongLife.

Incandescent Signaling Overview

Conventional Wedge Base

 W5W NBVW5W NBV LLWY5W NAWB T10 6W XenonWB T10 6,1 W 12V
type Nr.12961 NBV12961 NBV LL12396 NA1204012037
Voltage12 V12 V12 V12 V12 V
Power5 W5 W5 W6 W6.1 W
Lumen output50 lm50 lm30 lm84 lm105 lm
Lifetime B3500 h900 h1300 h500 h100 h
Lifetime Tc1500 h2000 h3000 h1500 h200 h

Conventional-Bajonet 2 Filaments

 P21/5WP21/5W LLP21/5W XLPR21/5W
type Nr.1249912499 LL12499 XL12495
Voltage12 V12 V12 V12 V
Power21/5 W21/5 W21/5 W21/5 W
Lumen output440/35 lm440/35 lm440/35 lm105/8 lm
Lifetime B3100/600h500/800 h1500/4000h450/800h
Lifetime Tc250/1600h1250/2000 h3000/8000h1000/2000h

Conventional-Bajonet 1 Filament

type Nr.1208812496 SV12496 NA12496 NA LL
Voltage12 V12 V12 V12 V
Power21 W21 W21 W21 W
Lumen output110 lm280 lm280 lm280 lm
Lifetime B3250 h250 h250 h500 h
Lifetime Tc600 h500 h500 h1000 h

Halogen Miniature Lamp (HML)

 H6W Std./LL.H10WH21W HTR Std./LL.HY6WHY21W HTR Std./LL.
type Nr.120361202412356 HTR1215812146 HTR
Voltage12 V12 V12 V12 V12 V
Power6 W10 W21 W6 W21 W
Lumen output125 lm200 lm600 lm75 lm300 lm
Lifetime B3500/750 h300 h250/500 h200 h200/500 h
Lifetime Tc1000/1500 h600 h500/1000 h400 h400/1000 h

Conventional 24V-Wedge Base T10 and Bayonet 1 Filament

type Nr.132561396113498 MD13498 ML13496 NA ML
Voltage24 V24 V24 V24 V24 V
Power3 W5 W21 W21 W21 W
Lumen output22 lm50 lm460 lm440 lm280 lm
Lifetime B3400 h450 h125 h500 h250 h
Lifetime Tc3000 h1500 h300 h1250 h500 h

Conventional 24V-Bayonet 2 Filaments and BA15

type Nr.1349913821 MD13821 ML13814 MD13814 ML
Voltage24 V24 V24 V24 V24 V
Power21/5 W5 W5 W10 W10 W
Lumen output440/40 lm50 lm50 lm125 lm125 lm
Lifetime B3150/600 h400 h800 h400 h800 h
Lifetime Tc400/1600 h1000 h2000 h1000 h2000 h