What is LUXEON Go?

LUXEON Go is an off-the-shelf building block for LED headlighting applications combining compactness, high precision, and superior thermal management. The standardized modules allow for cost-efficient LED headlamps and short development cycles.

Benefits of LUXEON Go:

  • Off-the-shelf solution with integrated heat management enabling fast time to market and low
    development effort
  • Three lumen levels and compact size allowing for flexible application in a wide variety of headlamp
  • Easy mechanical referencing and assembly during headlamp manufacturing process

Key Features:

  • Tight tolerance for increased optical system performance
  • Master/slave version with/without thermistor and bin-code resistor
  • Electrical connector with connector-position assurance (CPA) function
  • Dedicated pin for grounding of the module
  • Openings for light-shield fixation

Important Notes:

  • Available in 1×2, 1×3, 1×3 flat and 1×4 configurations
  • Validated according to LV124 requirements
  • C-samples available on request



  LUXEON Go 1x2 LUXEON Go 1x3 LUXEON Go 1x3 LUXEON Go 1x4
LUMEN CLASS 660 – 720 lm
(T = 85 °C, 20 ms MP, 1A)
990 – 1080 lm
(T = 85 °C, 20 ms MP, 1A)
1100 lm
(T = 85 °C, 20 ms MP, 1A)
(Ta = 50 °C, 1A/DC)
880 lm
(Ta = 50 °C, 1A/DC)
1100 lm
(Ta = 50 °C, 1A/DC)
DIMENSIONS[1][2] 40 X 60 X 10 mm 40 X 67 X 10 mm
+ Tail: 35 mm height
47 X 75 X 11 mm 55 X 77 X 10 mm
+ Tail: 30 mm height
  • Master Version: 6 pin / 5 pin UJU connector, thermistor and codingresistor
  • Slave Version: with 3 pin UJU connector
  1. Please contact your local Lumileds sales representative for further product details
  2. Width x Depth x Height; Height excluding the connector
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  • High Beam, Low Beam
  • Static Bending Light
  • Front Fog
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