LUXEON Fusion – A New Era in Lighting


As the first and only solution on the market to address multiple white color tuning requirements in a single platform, LUXEON Fusion delivers…

  • Dim to warm capability
  • Dynamically tunable white lighting
  • Full freedom of white color selection and adjustment after fixture installation

Simplifying Fixture Development and Enabling Innovation

But more than that, LUXEON Fusion was developed as the result of listening to the requirements and common pain points experienced by lighting manufacturers, such as complexities in operations and supply chain management, issues working with color tuning technology and integrating all the different system components and interfacing protocols, and difficulties innovating and differentiating with meaningful products that offer outstanding customer value.

Lumileds developed LUXEON Fusion precisely to address these issues that our customers struggle with, by offering…

  • A single platform that can be used across many project and saves engineering time and resources
  • Order of magnitude reduction in production SKUs so that everything becomes quick ship
  • Re-use of already in stock and qualified components, like single channel drivers
  • Advanced functionality that is simple to implement and relatively low cost
  • Lower system costs by using existing single channel drivers and shorter time to market
  • 90 CRI system available across the CCT range

Essentially, LUXEON Fusion is designed to open up color tuning for mass adoption.

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The Matrix Platform Advantage

The Lumileds Matrix Platform offers infinitely configurable LUXEON LEDs on advanced substrates, tailored to any application or requirement. Now, LUXEON Fusion will be available on Matrix Platform to secure optimal system output, efficiency and consistency at the lowest cost. This combination means that LUXEON Fusion will be able to leverage the Matrix Platform manufacturing and supply chain advantages, guaranteeing speed and flexibility of bringing desired lighting products to market.

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LUXEON Fusion is able to deliver in a variety of different usage scenarios:

Fixed CCT Setting – LUXEON Fusion is able to deliver consistent light output and efficiency across a large white color range, from 2700K to 10000K on the Blackbody locus

  • Architectural
  • Retail
  • Office
  • General Commercial

Color on Demand – LUXEON Fusion allows for the creation of unique lighting experiences, fulfilling specific tuning and color requirements that is becoming more and more important for retailers seeking to execute a particular brand experience

  • Retail
  • Museum

Dim to Warm – LUXEON Fusion enables dim to warm capability from 1800K to 2700K, which is highly coveted in hospitality and residential settings to set an atmosphere or mood

  • Hospitality
  • Residential

Dynamic CCT – Especially useful for retail settings where various CCT patterns are needed (think of a grocery store that may want to accentuate certain products on certain days), LUXEON Fusion enables dynamic CCT tuning before, during and even after installation

  • Human Centric Lighting (Office, Healthcare, Education, Industrial)