LUXEON XR-7070 product is a standard integrated module compatible with off-the-shelf drivers, optics, and heat sinks. Four LUXEON 7070 LEDs are built on a MCPCB substrate for thermal efficiency and mechanical robustness. Using this standard module eliminates LED-assembly engineering costs, tooling costs, and material inventory costs. With this versatile building-block approach, it simplifies system integration and accelerates time-to-market.

LUXEON XR-7070 and EU Ecodesign: Please consult the product datasheet for details including the energy efficiency class as specified in Commission Delegated Regulation (EU) 2019/2015. LUXEON XR-7070 part numbers are in energy efficiency classes D and E.

Features & Benefits

  • Efficacy and luminous flux of up to 170lm/W typical and 5400lm of output
  • Superior board-level color control of ≤ 3SDCM
  • MCPCB for efficient heat dissipation and mechanical robustness
  • UL 8750, ENEC, CE, UKCA compliance
  • 5-year limited guarantee
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Product performance of LUXEON XR-7070 at 700mA, Tc =85°C.

Nominal Minimum Luminous Flux (lm) Typical Luminous Efficacy (lm/W) Test Current Part Number
CCT CRI Minimum Typical (mA)
2700K 70 4708 5042 156 700 L224-2770004MLU010
3000K 70 4878 5222 162 700 L224-3070004MLU010
3500K 70 5064 5354 166 700 L224-3570004MLU010
4000K 70 5155 5498 170 700 L224-4070004MLU010
5000K 70 5112 5417 168 700 L224-5070004MLU010
2700K 80 4374 4611 143 700 L224-2780004MLU010
3000K 80 4545 4818 149 700 L224-3080004MLU010
3500K 80 4627 4906 152 700 L224-3580004MLU010
4000K 80 4717 5044 156 700 L224-4080004MLU010
5000K 80 4693 4999 155 700 L224-5080004MLU010


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