High efficacy 3V 3030 package tailor-made for excellent dimming application

LUXEON 3030 HE Plus – Deep Dimming is superior high efficacy, mid power package built on the legacy of the LUXEON 3030 product line. It is specially designed for dimming applications which require extremely uniform light output throughout rated and deep dimming operating conditions. This innovative product enables not only top notch lm/W performance and long lifetime but also pure 3 SDCM color bin and 0.1 Vf width by default for end applications.

Features & Benefits

  • Dedicated Deep dimming bin achieves best-of-class dimming effects
  • 3 SDCM color bin by default, eliminate customer concern on color consistency
  • 0.1 Vf width by default, free customer from complex driver compatibility design
  • Superior high efficacy at rated current enables outstanding lm/W at system level
  • Reliable package design from a proven product line affirms long lifetime for end application
  • Industry standard package allows drop-in replacement for existing 3030 packages
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Product performance of LUXEON 3030 HE Plus – Deep Dimming at 65mA, Tj= 25°C.

Minimum CRI Luminous Flux (lm) Typical Luminous
Efficacy (lm/W)
Part Numbers
Minimum Typical
2700K 80 30.0 33.5 190 L130-2780HA3000DD1
3000K 80 32.0 35.0 199 L130-3080HA3000DD1
3500K 80 33.0 36.0 204 L130-3580HA3000DD1
4000K 80 34.0 37.0 210 L130-4080HA3000DD1
5000K 80 34.0 37.0 210 L130-5080HA3000DD1
5700K 80 33.5 36.5 207 L130-5780HA3000DD1
6500K 80 33.0 36.0 204 L130-6580HA3000DD1
2700K 90 26.0 28.5 162 L130-2790HA3000DD1
3000K 90 27.0 29.5 167 L130-3090HA3000DD1
3500K 90 27.5 30.5 173 L130-3590HA3000DD1
4000K 90 28.5 31.5 179 L130-4090HA3000DD1
5000K 90 28.5 31.5 179 L130-5090HA3000DD1
5700K 90 28.5 31.5 179 L130-5790HA3000DD1
6500K 90 28.0 31.0 176 L130-6590HA3000DD1


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