The Lumileds General Terms of Procurement (for both Bill of Material and Non-Product Related goods & services) can be found below:

The Global Lumileds General Terms of Procurement apply in all countries except for the countries set forth in the table below. For these countries, a country specific version applies. Please find the applicable version using the hyperlinks below.

Location of Supplier selling entityLocation of Lumileds purchasing entityApplicable versionApplicable law
Brazil Brazil Brazil_bilingual_local Brazilian
Brazil Other Brazil_bilingual_foreign The Netherlands
Canada Canada Canada_local Canadian
China China China (bilingual)_local Chinese (courts)
China Other China (bilingual)_foreign Chinese (arbitration)
France France France (bilingual)_local French
France Other France (bilingual)_foreign The Netherlands
Germany Germany Germany (bilingual)_local German
Germany Other Germany (bilingual)_foreign The Netherlands
Hong Kong Hong Kong Hong Kong_local Hong Kong
India India India_local Indian
India Other Global version The Netherlands
Italy Italy Italy_local Italian
Italy Other Global version The Netherlands
Japan Japan Japan (bilingual)_local Japanese
Japan Other Global (bilingual) The Netherlands
Malaysia Malaysia Malaysia_local Malaysian
Malaysia Other Global version The Netherlands
Mexico Mexico Mexico_local Mexican
Mexico Other Global version The Netherlands
Poland Poland Poland (bilingual)_local Polish
Poland Other Poland (bilingual)_foreign The Netherlands
Russia Russia Russia (bilingual)_local Russian Federation
Russia Other global version (bilingual)_foreign The Netherlands
Singapore Singapore Singapore_local Singaporean
Singapore Other Global version The Netherlands
South Korea South Korea South Korea_local Republic of Korea (courts)
South Korea Other South Korea_foreign Republic of Korea (arbitration)
Spain Spain Spain (bilingual)_local Spanish
Sweden Sweden Sweden_local Swedish
Taiwan Taiwan Taiwan_local Taiwanese
Thailand Thailand Thailand (bilingual)_local Thai
United States United States United States_local State of California
United States Other Global version The Netherlands

The applicable version can also be provided to you at your request. Note that the English versions of the General Terms of Procurement are the authentic authorized versions. For more information, please contact your local Lumileds procurement representative.