LUXEON 7070 is a multi-die, high power package that provides high luminance from a super robust package to enable cost effective, single optic and directional fixture designs. LUXEON 7070 uses an industry standard 7070 surface mount package with a small Light Emitting Surface (LES). LUXEON 7070 is offered in 70, 80, 90 CRI with a wide range of CCTs, and offers hot-color targeting to ensure that the LEDs are within color target at application conditions of 85°C.

Product performance of LUXEON 7070 at test current, Tj=25°C Flux and Tj=85°C for R9 and CRI

Luminous Flux(lm)Typical Luminous Efficacy (lm/W)Test Current
Part Number
12V2200K≥ -407011721260153700L170-2270701200000
2700K≥ -407012951392169700L170-2770701200000
3000K≥ -407013441445175700L170-3070701200000
3500K≥ -407013761480179700L170-3570701200000
4000K≥ -407014141520184700L170-4070701200000
5000K≥ -407014041510183700L170-5070701200000
5700K≥ -407013951500182700L170-5770701200000
6500K≥ -407013861490180700L170-6570701200000
2200K≥ 08010591139138700L170-2280701200000
2700K≥ 08011761265153700L170-2780701200000
3000K≥ 08012321325160700L170-3080701200000
3500K≥ 08012571352164700L170-3580701200000
4000K≥ 08012931390168700L170-4080701200000
5000K≥ 08012881385168700L170-5080701200000
5700K≥ 08012881385168700L170-5780701200000
6500K≥ 08012831380167700L170-6580701200000
2200K≥ 5090911980119700L170-2290701200000
2700K≥ 509010181095133700L170-2790701200000
3000K≥ 509010491128137700L170-3090701200000
3500K≥ 509010751156140700L170-3590701200000
4000K≥ 509011021185143700L170-4090701200000
5000K≥ 509010971180143700L170-5090701200000
5700K≥ 509010861168141700L170-5790701200000
6500K≥ 509010751156140700L170-6590701200000
36V2200K≥ -407011721260152233L170-2270703600000
2700K≥ -407012951392168233L170-2770703600000
3000K≥ -407013441445175233L170-3070703600000
3500K≥ -407013761480179233L170-3570703600000
4000K≥ -407014141520184233L170-4070703600000
5000K≥ -407014041510182233L170-5070703600000
5700K≥ -407013951500181233L170-5770703600000
6500K≥ -407013861490180233L170-6570703600000


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Features & Benefits

  • Superior lm/W enables outstanding efficacy in end application
  • Extremely reliable package design affirms long lifetime in harsh environments
  • Low Rth enables effective thermal dissipation design for higher efficiency
  • Hot-color targeting ensures color is within ANSI bin at 85°C
  • 3-step and 5-step MacAdam ellipse binning structure ensures excellent color uniformity
  • Offered in different voltage options for customer design flexibility


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