Fixture OEMs, lighting designers and lighting technicians are looking for high quality lighting solutions that provide maximum punch, a full gamut of vivid colors and an outstanding uniformity across the scene and between various light sources.

Lumileds Entertainment Lighting Solutions make creative imagination a reality for productions and shows, by creating spectacular effects to make the artist or audience stand out and by providing the lighting conditions necessary for movie scenes and broadcasting.

Lighting transforms entertainment experiences

There’s no doubt that performers are central to making a concert or theatrical production memorable, but amazing effects created by well-designed lighting can elevate the experience even further. Whether it’s a large-scale musical event or a contemporary drama set in an intimate theater, there’s an excellent chance that today’s most stunning lighting effects are created by LEDs.

LEDs are being used across the entertainment industry for a few very important reasons. From an artistic and aesthetic point of view, only LEDs offer full-spectrum, high-quality direct color light. And on a practical level, LEDs are far more rugged than conventional lamps—making them ideal for multi-city tours that require building and breaking down stages night after night.

Lumileds takes performances to breathtaking levels…with Entertainment Lighting Solutions

Working closely with leading entertainment lighting manufacturers, designers and technicians, Lumileds has developed a range of state-of-the-art Entertainment Lighting Solutions. These advanced LEDs—optimized for floodlights and spotlights at large concert venues, theaters and television production facilities—represent the industry’s most comprehensive portfolio of direct color LEDs. The powerful LUXEON LED lineup delivers the exact same light focal point as well as unsurpassed performance in output, punch and quality of light.

To achieve the consistent lighting that is critical for performance applications, Lumileds offers world-class, in-house phosphor capabilities that provide vivid colors and superior color matching. And for large-scale, more complex deployments, Lumileds Matrix.

LUXEON C Color Line

With an advanced portfolio of color and white LEDs, this innovative line is designed for flawless color mixing. By featuring a single focal length for all colors, LUXEON C Color Line provides consistent radiation patterns from secondary optics and maximizes optical efficiency. Along with a low dome design that keeps the effective light source small while improving light extraction, these LEDs are optimal for the most demanding entertainment applications.

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LUXEON CZ Color Line

Delivering up to 48% higher “punch” and available in 21 color options, these high performance solutions eliminate crosstalk and ensure a true color point when LEDs are closely packed. Created with the same robust building blocks as the award-winning LUXEON C Color Line, these powerful products feature identical focal length in an undomed design—enabling superior color mixing in stage and studio lighting.

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Other Entertainment Lighting
Solutions to Consider

LUXEON 2835 Line
LUXEON 2835 Line

Lumileds Entertainment Lighting Solutions can be found
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