Our Single Die LED Portfolio

This range of high-performing single die LED products offers you a wide variety of form factors, power options, colors and enhanced thermal capabilities and best-in-class reliability. With simplified but advanced engineering, these LEDs integrate easily into your existing design and manufacturing processes, making them perfect for high volume automotive production.

Available for a wide variety of vehicle applications, Lumileds Single Die LEDs provide you with the design flexibility to cost-effectively meet the demands of modern lighting styles.

Benefits of our Single Die LED Portfolio

Manufacturing and design flexibility – The compact design of this range makes it easy to integrate LEDs. And the flux output offers greater design flexibility to meet modern style standards. 

Optimal thermal management – Low thermal resistance and high operating case temperatures allow for smaller heatsinks, efficient heat dissipation, and simplified thermal management. 

Best-in-class reliability – Advanced design, improved thermal management and high manufacturing standards ensure robust and highly reliable LED products. 

Lower system costs – The simplified yet advanced engineering ensures you can easily integrate into your existing processes, keeping manufacturing costs low, without compromising on quality. 

Deep automotive experience – At the forefront of the industry for over 100 years, Lumileds is a global leader in automotive lighting technology. Using superior raw materials, and rigorous testing, all our products are manufactured to the highest standards.

Key Features

  • Effective thermal resistance
  • Range of power options
  • Small form factor
  • Range of rich colors
  • Proven reliability and robustness

Target Applications

  • Headlighting
    • Low Beam
    • High Beam
    • Advanced Front Lighting System
    • Adaptive Driving Beam
    • Front Fog
    • Spot Light
    • Bending Light
  • High Beam Boost
  • Front Signaling
    • Daytime Running Lights (DRL, Front Position, Park)
    • Front Position Light
    • Park Light
    • Front Turn Signal
    • End-Outline Marker Lamp
  • Rear Signaling
    • Rear Fog Light
    • Rear Turn Signal
    • Hazard Light
    • Identification Light
    • End-Outline Marker Lamp
    • Stop Light
    • Tail Light
    • Back-up Light
    • Central High Mounted Stop Light
    • Emergency Stop Signal
  • Side Signaling
    • Mirror Turn
    • Side Repeater
    • Side Marker

LUXEON Altilon Intense


LUXEON Altilon Intense is a high drive current, contrast and luminance LED for automotive forward lighting.


Mainstream LED for front signaling and headlighting

LUXEON F LEDs are specifically designed for reliability, performance and lifetime in all exterior lighting vehicle systems, including advanced forward lighting systems, light guide, and matrix applications.

The die placement in the LED package is designed to accommodate multiple emitters in close proximity for forward lighting systems. The LUXEON F family offers design Engineers much needed flexibility to closely match their cost performance targets in the competitive yet diverse forward lighting applications.


High contrast and luminance LED for front signaling and headlighting

LUXEON FX Plus CW provides high luminance performance in a Chip Scale Package (CSP). The LUXEON FX Plus allows for advanced optical component design for innovative lighting combinations and stylish themes.


LUXEON FX2 provides high luminance performance in a Chip Scale Package (CSP). The LUXEON FX2 allows for advanced optical component design for innovative lighting combinations and stylish themes.


Miniaturized LED for high density matrix adaptive driving beam

LUXEON Neo LEDs, with their miniaturized form factor and low mechanical tolerances, enable higher LED density on board, which are essential for matrix headlighting.


High flux LED for rear signaling

LUXEON Rebel Red Orange is the proven solution in tail light guide, stop and rear fog applications to meet today’s high flux automotive demands.

LUXEON Versat 3030 Line

The versatile new standard in Automotive LEDs for front and read signaling

LUXEON Versat 3030 Line is a line of LED products that give you true design flexibility coupled with best-in-class reliability. Easy to integrate into your existing design and manufacturing processes, these LEDs are perfect for high volume automotive production.


Low to Mid Power LED in an industry standard footprint for rear signaling

SignalSure offers proven Lumileds technology in a small standard surface-mount device (SMD) package, enabling unique and uniform signal lighting designs. Available in a wide range of flux packages and colors, SignalSure products give you maximum design flexibility.


Robust Solderless Clinch technology LED for rear signaling

SnapLED LEDs are a robust solution for customizable 2D and 3D clinch assemblies that allow efficient design solutions for rear lighting applications. The package utilizes Lumileds pioneering solderless clinch technology, designed specifically to meet the automotive industry’s need for extreme reliability.

SnapLED Xtreme

Robust solderless clinch technology LED with an oval batwing lens for homogeneous rear signaling designs

SnapLED Xtreme creates an effective, homogeneous styling through its innovative and unique lens design that provides even illumination over a wide rectangular area. SnapLED Xtreme is a proven LED that enables homogeneous appearance with a minimum number of LEDs.