At a micro package size compared to other ultraviolet and violet LEDs, LUXEON UV U Line LEDs are SMT devices that can be assembled in tight arrays with spacing of only 200 microns, which enables high power density (W/cm²) systems for superior efficiency and design freedom. These products are undomed for precise optical control and include a portfolio of 1mm² and 2mm² die sizes covering ultraviolet and violet light. The superior power density, excellent robustness of CSP technology and real world efficacy enable leading performance and efficient solution development in a wide variety of UV specialty lighting applications.

Features & Benefits

  • Offering ultraviolet in 380-400nm and violet (400–420nm) for a range of options
  • Small 2.2mm² to 3.6mm² SMT footprint enables highest W/cm² power density, design freedom
  • 1A per mm² max drive current allows more power per LED
  • Up to 50%+ efficiency reduces heat output
  • AlN package Rth as low as 1.8 K/W for better thermal management
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  • Specialty Lighting
    • Analytical Instrumentation
    • Curing
    • Medical
    • Security
    • UV Photoreaction
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LUXEON UV U1 product performance at 500mA and 1000mA, Tj=25°C.

Wavelength (nm) Typical Radiometric Power
Part Number
500mA 1000mA
415±5nm 725 1378 LHUV-0415-A070
405±5nm 675 1283 LHUV-0405-A065
725 1378 LHUV-0405-A070
395±5nm 625 1188 LHUV-0395-A060
675 1283 LHUV-0395-A065
385±5nm 425 808 LHUV-0385-A040
475 903 LHUV-0385-A045

LUXEON UV U2 product performance at 1000mA and 2000mA, Tj=25°C.

Wavelength (nm) Typical Radiometric Power
Part Number
1000mA 2000mA
410-420nm 1450 2610 L1F3-U410200014000
400-410nm 1300 2340 L1F3-U400200012000
390-400nm 1300 2340 L1F3-U390200012000
380-390nm 700 1260 L1F3-U380200006000
900 1620 L1F3-U380200008000


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