At Lumileds, we seek sustainable solutions to help us push the boundaries of light.

Through a culture of engaged employees we achieve the highest standards of quality and responsibility in our products that make life safer, more sustainable, and beautiful.

Lumileds Sustainability Report

We are proud to share our Sustainability Reports – expressions of our commitment to building a more sustainable future.

View the 2021 Report

Identifying our Sustainability Priorities

Lumileds prioritizes the environmental, social and governance issues that have the greatest impact on our business and the highest importance to our stakeholders.

Lumileds has identified nine priority issues, which are the focus of our sustainability efforts.

Our Contribution to the UN Sustainable Development Goals

We recognize that business has a key role to play in contributing to the achievement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Lumileds has identified the following SDGs as those where we can make the most significant contribution: