What is LUXEON Versat 3030 Line?

LUXEON Versat 3030 Line is a line of LED products that give you true design flexibility coupled with best-in-class reliability. Easy to integrate into your existing design and manufacturing processes, these LEDs are perfect for high volume automotive production.

Benefits of LUXEON Versat 3030 Line:

  • Industry standard footprint enables simple integration
  • Package optimized for light extraction, achieving industry leading efficacy:
    • Front – Industry leading efficacy in a mid power package. Superior flux performance at max. current for reduced LED count and lower cost of ownership
    • Rear – Lower Rth for greater light output and lower heatsink costs. Robust package with high resistance to sulphur corrosion

Key Features:

  • Single common footprint
  • For ultimate design versatility
  • Low Z profile simplifies optical design and minimizes design space

Important Notes:

  • Available in white, PC amber, red-orange, red, super red


ProductI-maxBack-Up Light / ReverseDaytime running lightLicense PlateFront FogRear FogStop Light, Tail LightRear Turn LampFront Turn LampSide Marker
LUXEON Versat 3030 ST 150 CW250 mAXXXX     
LUXEON Versat 3030 ST 150 PCA250 mA      XXX
LUXEON Versat 3030 ST 200 300 mA    XX   
LUXEON Versat 3030 ST 350500 mA    XX   
LUXEON Versat 3030 ST 350 CW500 mAXXXX     
LUXEON Versat 3030 ST 350 PCA500 mA      XXX
LUXEON Versat 3030 ST 7001 A    XX   
LUXEON Versat 3030 ST PC Green500 mAX        



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