AB216 LUXEON 2835 Architectural Application Brief1,408Oct 24, 2018
AB383 LUXEON 2835 Commercial Application Brief1,327Jul 14, 2021
AB208 LUXEON 3014 Application Brief1,373Feb 15, 2017
AB209 LUXEON 3020 Application Brief1,189Mar 07, 2017
AB207 LUXEON 3030 Line Application Brief1,196Oct 07, 2019
AB203 LUXEON 3535L Line Application Brief1,434Jul 06, 2016
AB174 LUXEON 5050 Application Brief1,592Oct 20, 2019
AB232 LUXEON Altilon Intense Application Brief3,224Aug 23, 2019
AB128 LUXEON Altilon SMD Application Brief4,351Aug 15, 2016
AB233 LUXEON Altilon SMD DT Application Brief2,737Jul 11, 2019
AB290 LUXEON Altilon TopContact PnP Application Brief1,918Feb 01, 2021
AB188 LUXEON Automotive LEDs Circuit Design and Layout Practices to Minimize Electrical Stress1,366May 30, 2017
AB144 LUXEON C Color Line Application Brief3,333Oct 01, 2015
AB186 LUXEON CSP HL1 Application Brief3,960Aug 09, 2019
AB245 LUXEON CX Plus CoB (Gen 2) Application Brief1,275Jun 18, 2020
AB245 LUXEON CX Plus CoB - High Density (Below BBL) Application Brief1,275Jun 18, 2020
AB245 LUXEON CX Plus CoB - High Density Application Brief1,275Jun 18, 2020
AB198 LUXEON CZ Color Line Application Brief4,216Mar 12, 2018
AB115 LUXEON CoB and LUXEON CoB with CrispWhite Technology Application Brief4,136Apr 23, 2018
AB108 LUXEON F Application Brief3,633May 18, 2016
AB182 LUXEON FX Application Brief3,375May 21, 2021
AB117 LUXEON FlipChip White Application Brief2,690May 08, 2015
AB116 LUXEON FlipChip and LUXEON UV U Line Application Brief1,330Apr 01, 2015
AB288 LUXEON HL2X Application Brief2,343Jun 26, 2020
AB190-2 LUXEON IR Compact Lens Attach Application Brief1,506Nov 12, 2017
AB190 LUXEON IR Compact Line Application Brief1,679May 15, 2019
AB191 LUXEON IR Domed Line Application Brief1,928Jan 08, 2018
AB191-4 LUXEON IR Family Eye Safety Application Brief840Jun 30, 2020
AB191-2 LUXEON IR Family Optical Performance in Pulsed Mode Application Brief1,123Aug 01, 2019
AB191-3 LUXEON IR Family for Facial Recognition Application Brief2,328Aug 13, 2018
AB263 LUXEON IR Spectroscopy Application Brief1,471Sep 03, 2019
AB06 LUXEON Illumination LEDs Circuit Design and Layout Practices to Minimize Electrical Stress1,417Jun 05, 2017
AB103 LUXEON M and LUXEON MX Application Brief1,826Jun 17, 2019
AB136 LUXEON MZ Application Brief1,777Apr 01, 2015
AB244 LUXEON MultiColor Module 2.5W Application Brief1,498May 18, 2020
AB172 LUXEON Neo 0.5 mm Squared Application Brief3,834May 13, 2018
AB33 LUXEON Rebel Platform Thermal Measurement Guidelines1,398Jul 11, 2016
AB32 LUXEON Rebel platform Assembly and Handling Information Application Brief5,136Jul 11, 2016
AB309 LUXEON Rubix Application Brief3,033Jul 26, 2021
AB309C LUXEON Rubix Thermal Design Guidelines2,753Jul 22, 2021
AB170 LUXEON SunPlus 20 Line for Horticulture Technology Application Brief3,342Nov 08, 2016
AB171 LUXEON SunPlus 35 Line for Horticulture Application Brief1,416Nov 10, 2016
AB106 LUXEON TX Application Brief3,417Jun 12, 2015
AB178 LUXEON UV U Line Application Brief1,771Jun 20, 2017
AB163 LUXEON V Application Brief2,538Aug 28, 2018
AB177 LUXEON V2 Application Brief2,802Oct 14, 2018
AB228 LUXEON Versat 3030 Application Brief3,261Jan 13, 2019
AB156 LUXEON XF-3014 CV Application Brief3,244Jan 18, 2016
AB156 LUXEON XF-3014 CV Application Brief3,244May 20, 2021
AB311 LUXEON XR-5050 SQR Application Brief688Aug 27, 2021
AB105 LUXEON Z Application Brief2,017Dec 14, 2017
AB120 LUXEON Z ES Application Brief2,102Apr 01, 2015
AB114 LUXEON Z UV Application Brief4,219Apr 01, 2015
AB901 Lumileds EPRELRef Application Brief430Sep 01, 2021
AB145 Matrix Platform Custom L2 Technology965Feb 13, 2020
AB142 Matrix Platform LUXEON XF-3535L Application Brief1,791Aug 27, 2015

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