LUXEON CoB with FreshFocus Technology

The LUXEON CoB with FreshFocus Technology creates the most impactful lighting ever available by accentuating the freshness and overall visual appeal of a variety of fresh food areas such as supermarkets, delis, butcher shops and bakeries.

LUXEON CoB with FreshFocus Technology brings out reds for greater visual appeal to meat; increases the appetite appeal of bread and pastries; exhibits the most natural and attractive fish and emphasizes the “just picked” appearance for produce (fruits and vegetables).

LUXEON CoB with FreshFocus Technology and EU Ecodesign: Please consult the product datasheet for details including the energy efficiency class as specified in Commission Delegated Regulation (EU) 2019 / 2015. LUXEON CoB with FreshFocus Technology part numbers are in energy efficiency classes E and F.

LUXEON CoB with FreshFocus Technology product performance at specified test current, Tj=85°C.

Flux (lm)
Typical Luminous Efficacy (lm/W)Test
LES (mm)Part Number
ProduceLUXEON CoB 12083056339610890015L2C5-PR001208E1500
LUXEON CoB 121140324480107120019L2C5-PR001211E1900
Red MeatLUXEON CoB 1208219624407890015L2C5-RM001208E1500
LUXEON CoB 12112920324478120019L2C5-RM001211E1900
Marbled MeatLUXEON CoB 1208290523287490015L2C5-MM001208E1500
LUXEON CoB 12112803311475120019L2C5-MM001211E1900
FishLUXEON CoB 12083519391012590015L2C5-FS001208E1500
LUXEON CoB 121148475386129120019L2C5-FS001211E1900
Bread & PastriesLUXEON CoB 12083337370811890015L2C5-BD001208E1500
LUXEON CoB 121144814979119120019L2C5-BD001211E1900


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Features & Benefits

  • Highest flux densities with industry’s smallest Light Emitting Surface (LES)
  • 3-step MacAdam ellipse color definition: Freedom from Binning for color consistency from luminaire to luminaire
  • Up to 4x lower thermal resistance than competition, enabling smaller heatsinks and higher lumens
  • Supported by a comprehensive optical, mechanical and electrical ecosystem


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