Fixture OEMs are looking for the highest efficiency (µmol/J) and specific spectral recipes for optimized plant growth, while growers are looking for ways to improve their yield and stay within their greenhouse or facility power budget.

Lumileds is the only company to offer horticulture lighting LEDs specifically created for horticulture—with specific and targeted wavelengths that are tuned and beneficial to growing fruits and vegetables.

Horticulture lighting tuned for growing fruits and vegetables.

Ushering in a new era in horticultural lighting

Over the past few years, we’ve witnessed a seismic shift in the role LEDs play in horticultural lighting. Once a promising alternative to traditional light sources, LEDs are quickly evolving to become the industry standard. This has proven to be a win-win-win—with lighting manufacturers reaping sizable economic upside, growers producing larger harvests and consumers benefiting from the abundant availability of higher-quality crops.

Rising population, urbanization, changing policies and increasing focus on nutrition are just some of the factors motivating horticulture professionals to turn to indoor and vertical farming. Spurred on by recent improvements in performance and economics, LEDs are now positioned as a clear alternative to legacy lighting options in this burgeoning market.

While luminaire manufacturers and growers are realizing the benefits of including LEDs in horticultural applications, they are not alone. Today, the adoption of LED grow light fixtures is quickly expanding to include contractors and do-it-yourselfers—with sales at big-box home improvement stores steadily rising. Add it up and it’s clear that LEDs are helping to transform horticultural lighting by offering impressive levels of exactness, performance and reliability.

LEDs tuned for horticultural lighting.

Lumileds expands horticultural LED possibilities

Building on a rich tradition of LED firsts, Lumileds brings its legacy of innovation to the horticulture market. By immersing itself in the specific needs of both manufacturers and growers, Lumileds has designed, developed and produced a next-generation portfolio of horticulture-specific LEDs that establish a new standard for the industry.

Lumileds is the only LED company that researches, develops and manufactures its own phosphors—the principal material that enables a customized spectrum from a single LED. These industry-leading phosphor technologies allow manufacturers to design more highly differentiated luminaires—a major advantage in an increasingly competitive environment.

Understanding the value of consulting with the brightest minds, Lumileds has teamed up with leading university and research organizations to conduct extensive growth studies. These analyses are invaluable in helping Lumileds increase the efficacy of the LEDs it delivers to market, as well as strengthening the business case to growers of the quantitative and qualitative benefits of LEDs in horticulture.

LUXEON SunPlus Series shatters the horticultural status quo

To meet the exacting requirements of the horticulture market, Lumileds offers the breakthrough LUXEON SunPlus Series. These remarkable LEDs, available as single emitters or modules as part of the infinitely configurable Matrix Platform, deliver peerless performance, efficiency and consistency in a broad spectrum of colors.

With the LUXEON SunPlus 20 Line, manufacturers have access to a lighting solution that is ideal for greenhouse applications where directional light must reach the plant canopy.

LUXEON SunPlus 20 Line

For the unique challenges associated with interweaving and vertical farming, the LUXEON SunPlus 35 Line radiates low heat and allows light fixtures to be placed a short distance from the plant.

LUXEON SunPlus 35 Line

And with the innovative LUXEON SunPlus CoB Line, manufacturers are able to provide fixed spectra in directional applications.

LUXEON SunPlus Cob Line

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