LUXEON IR Domed Line

The LUXEON IR Domed Line high power infrared emitters are tailored to application needs by offering a variety of products at multiple infrared wavelengths and optical radiation patterns. LUXEON IR Domed Line is designed with innovative LUXEON technology to provide industry-leading performance. Through best-in-class thermal conductivity, LUXEON IR Domed Line has excellent performance at actual operating conditions. The LUXEON IR Domed Line uses an industry standard footprint for ease of integration and upgrading existing system designs.

Product performance of LUXEON IR Domed Line at 1000mA, Tj=25°C.

Peak Wavelength (nm)Typical FWHM Beam Angle (°)Radiometric Power
Typical Radiant Intensity (mW/sr)Max Drive Current (DC)/(Pulse)Part Number
85095 x 58100013506501A/3AL1I0-0850955800000
94095 x 58110014507001A/3AL1I0-0940955800000


Design Resources

Features & Benefits

  • Available in 850nm and 940nm wavelengths to provide optimized performance for each type of application
  • Radiant Power of 1350mW (850nm) and 1450mW (940nm) for a greater system performance
  • Option for higher drive current (up to 1.5A DC and 5A pulsed) available for applications requiring more performance
  • Five emission patterns: 50°, 60°, 90°, 150° and an asymmetric radiation pattern of 95 x 58°
  • The five emission patterns address diverse application needs, high punch, long range and high uniformity
  • 3.7mm x 3.7mm package with 3 pad configuration compatible with the industry standard footprint, enabling a direct upgrade in existing designs
  • Ultra-low Rth of 2.5°C/W typ, the industry’s best thermal conductivity, solves thermal challenges and supports space saving designs


  • 3D Scanning/Time of Flight
  • Augmented/Virtual Reality
  • Biometric Identification
  • Machine Vision
  • Surveillance/CCTV
  • User Interface Control

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