QU19 Lumileds Aachen-I IATF16949 899 Jul 14, 2024
QU09 Lumileds Aachen-II ISO9001 1,833 Jul 14, 2024
QU23 Lumileds Hubei IATF16949 500 Jul 14, 2024
QU28 Lumileds Jiaxing IATF16949 626 Oct 6, 2021
QU12 Lumileds Penang I IATF16949 932 Apr 11, 2024
QU04 Lumileds Penang I ISO9001 518 Apr 11, 2024
QU13 Lumileds Penang II IATF16949 932 Apr 11, 2024
QU03 Lumileds Penang II ISO9001 518 Apr 11, 2024
QU22 Lumileds Porland IATF16949 946 Jul 14, 2024
QU26 Lumileds Porland ISO9001 533 Jul 14, 2024
QU16 Lumileds Quality Policy 149 Jul 12, 2023
QU15 Lumileds San Jose IATF16949 1,523 Apr 11, 2024
QU02 Lumileds San Jose ISO9001 484 Apr 11, 2024
QU29 Lumileds Shanghai (OM_ACC) ISO9001 212 Apr 11, 2024
QU14 Lumileds Singapore IATF16949 948 Apr 11, 2024
QU01 Lumileds Singapore ISO9001 534 Apr 11, 2024

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