Intellectual Property

We own rights to a number of patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, and other intellectual property directly related to and important to our business. Our policy is to protect our products and processes by asserting our intellectual property rights where appropriate and prudent and by obtaining patents, trademarks, and other intellectual property rights used in connection with our business when practicable and appropriate.

A listing of Lumileds product/patent coverage may be accessed at the following link:

Patent Marking

Licensed Products

The following information associates Lumileds products and some third-party patents licensed to Lumileds. This page is posted on the Internet to provide notice to the public in compliance with the License Agreement with one or more third parties/licensors. The content of this page is updated from time to time but may not be up to date at the specific time you visit this link. Licensed Patents may have been issued in the United States and elsewhere which are not identified on this list. Absence of any patent from this page does not prevent enforcing any and all license rights associated with the patent.

Licensed Patent No.Lumileds Products
US 7,497,973LUXEON CoB Core Range Gen 5 90CRI, LUXEON CoB Core Range PW Gen 5 90CRI, LUXEON CoB Core Range Gen 6 90CRI, LUXEON CoB Core Range PW Gen 6 90CRI, LUXEON CS CoB 90CRI, LUEXEON CS CoB Gen 2 90CRI, LUXEON CS Pro 90CRI, LUXEON 2835 Achitectural HE 90CRI