Lighting plays a critical role in making our daily lives safer.

By innovating to improve the quality and use capabilities of lighting products and ensuring that they perform as intended, we create a safer world. At Lumileds, we position safety at the center of our product-responsibility efforts.

Goal: Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all, specifically as related to enhancing road visibility to prevent traffic accidents.

Lumileds supports SDG 3 through the development of high quality lightning solutions that improve road safety for individuals.

Lighting a Safe Path

Lumileds products are used in many applications around the world, including one out of every three cars globally. Improving the quality and safety capabilities of vehicle lighting has the power to save lives. That is why we carefully consider use-phase safety concerns during product design. Through innovations like our VisionPlus headlamps, we increase road visibility by 60 percent and allow drivers to see more clearly. Our products also improve the illumination of many environments, such as city streets or active work areas, and make them safer by increasing visibility and reducing hazards.

Delivering Quality Products

Product quality is a strategic business priority and core value at Lumileds. In order to keep people safe, we must ensure the quality and consistency of our products. We have strict quality management systems in place and continuously focus on quality improvements. This commitment also extends to suppliers who we choose based on shared standards for quality management and a willingness to collaborate on product innovation.

Case Study:
Improving Vehicle Safety Today and Tomorrow


The safety of passengers and pedestrians impacted by our products is a key priority and motivates our commitment to innovate and make driving safer. Night-time driving presents especially high risks to individuals due to poor visibility. Nearly half of all traffic fatalities occur at night. One way Lumileds is contributing to solving this problem is by developing light-source technology for Adaptive Driving Beam (ADB) applications. ADB lights use onboard cameras to identify oncoming vehicles and then dynamically switch or dim individual LEDs in relation to the position of approaching vehicles. This innovation improves visibility by letting drivers keep their high beams on while also reducing glare for other drivers.

In addition to making vehicles safer today, Lumileds is also working on the future of vehicle safety in the era of autonomous cars. Before crossing the street, pedestrians intuitively make eye contact with drivers to confirm that they have been seen. Autonomous vehicles will have to take over this important safety task without an active driver behind the wheel. Lumileds is currently working with automakers to define and develop new solutions that communicate to pedestrians using lighting signals. In the same way that turn signals, hazard lights, and brake lights communicate information today, autonomous vehicles will say “I see you” using Lumileds lighting technologies.