Jan 17, 2023

High Power LED Workhorse LUXEON HL2X Portfolio Expands with 340lm Minimum Performance and Upgrades Across the Range

Increased Lumen Output, Improved color stability, consistency, and new, tighter color binning support indoor, and outdoor architectural and Torch lighting

San Jose, CA – Lumileds has expanded and upgraded its LUXEON HL2X portfolio of high-power LEDs. New parts specified with a minimum of 340 lumens, completion of the portfolio across the CCT range from 1800K to 6500K at CRIs of 70, 80, and 90, all with 3-5% higher performance, and a new, tighter color binning program for all 80 and 90 CRI parts, make LUXEON HL2X the leading power LED option for architectural lighting. For torch applications, LUXEON HL2X delivers most usable light output and highest peak beam intensity to enable long beam distances.

“Engineers rely on minimums for determining the number of emitters needed and ultimate performance expectations. With our 340lm minimum parts, they will be working some of the brightest LEDs in their class, making it easier to design efficient and cost-effective systems,” said Alvin Yeoh, Product Manager. “And consistency, already a hallmark of LUXEON HL2X, is now achievable to an even finer degree. We have bisected of our central 3-step bin creating bins above and below the black body locus giving the lighting engineer greater control and confidence in the consistency of the finished product.”

Lifetime, reliability, and color stability are all proxies for robustness, and in this regard, LUXEON HL2X shines brighter than most. Lumileds lumen maintenance data extends to 17,000 hours, with lumen maintenance of over 99%. And even at 1.4A, LUXEON HL2X shows lumen maintenance of 98% at 11,000 hours. This extraordinary performance indicates an L90 > 100k hours.

Color shift for LUXEON HL2X is similarly low at less than 0.002 du’v’ over 17,000 hours. This is well below the DLC 5.2 6,000-hour specification of 0.007 for outdoor products and 0.004 for indoor products.

Lastly, Lumileds engineers and scientists have continued to focus on our phosphor systems and LED design to ensure that LUXEON HL2X delivers uniform color across the beam so that color-over-angle is not a concern is not a concern for system designers.

LUXEON HL2X emitters are immediately available through Lumileds’ global distribution network. Datasheets and more information are available at www.lumileds.com/luxeonhl2x.

About Lumileds:

Lumileds is a global leader in OEM and aftermarket automotive lighting and accessories, camera flash for mobile devices, MicroLED, and light sources for general illumination, horticulture, and human-centric lighting. Our approximately 6,000 employees operate in over 30 countries and partner with our customers to deliver never before possible solutions for lighting, safety, and well-being. To learn more about our company and solution portfolios, please visit lumileds.com.

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