Flash LEDs give digital imaging smartphone and tablet makers a way to deliver better quality images to their customers even in low-light environments. LUXEON Flash LEDs have the industry’s best performance by combining high luminous flux, a small source size, low forward voltage, and tight color ranges into an ultra-compact package that not only outperforms other Flash LEDs, but also offers device designers a better tool to create sleek and stylish smartphones and tablets.

Better light, better pictures, happier camera users.

Lumileds Market Leadership in Imaging

Designed with the end-user in mind

  • Spotlight on you!
  • Minimum glare
  • Natural skin tones
  • Highest flux
  • Highest current
  • Smallest and brightest light source
  • Unique designs
  • Off-state white
  • Thinnest emitters and modules
  • Perfect white balance
  • Spectrum optimized to match camera sensor
  • High color rendering

Benefits of High-Power Flash LEDs

  • Provides enough light for high quality pictures, also in the corners
  • Minimizes user discomfort by glare
  • Enables motion freeze, reduces blur due to unsteady hand