Dec 22, 2022

New Philips OlfaPure 7000 Smart Car Aroma Diffuser Allows Scent Selection to Enhance Mood

Mood enhancing French-designed fragrances, released intelligently via dry-air diffusion technology, optimize the driving experience

Shanghai, China – December 21, 2022 – Standard in-car aroma products are not that clever. But today, with the launch of the Philips OlfaPure 7000, in-car scent becomes smart. Each plug-and-play aroma cartridge contains an algorithm with instructions for the optimal release of fragrance. Drivers can choose from ten French-designed fragrances that can help them relax during a stressful commute, feel more alert on a long drive, ease the symptoms of motion sickness, or remove harmful microbes from the air.

“The power of aroma to evoke emotions and improve mood is well established. Yet in-car aroma diffusers rarely tap into this power,” said Blandine Devlin, Senior Director for Asia Pacific Marketing at Lumileds. “The OlfaPure now gives drivers more control of their sensory world. By selecting a scent to manage their mood, drivers can improve every car journey – and all at the touch of a button.”

Improving in-car scent diffusion

The challenge of aroma diffusion is that scents can be overwhelmingly intense when first used, and then too weak as they fade away. In-car diffusion also presents a unique challenge. If the amount of scent released isn’t calibrated to the size of the vehicle it can be too intense for the space. Another problem is so called “nose blindness”, which is when the brain eventually learns to ignore a scent that it is constantly exposed to. Finally, there is the danger that too many impurities are released into the air.

Taking a smarter approach to scent 

The OlfaPure 7000 series tackles these challenges using a proprietary algorithm that optimizes the release of fragrance into the car cabin. Each scent cartridge includes a memory chip containing that scent’s specific algorithm – instructions that maximize the benefit of that fragrance to the vehicle’s occupants. 

Instead of an overwhelming initial release of scent, the OlfaPure maintains a steady release of aroma (optimized for the size of the car cabin), so there is consistent experience throughout the lifecycle of the cartridge. And to avoid nose blindness, the OlfaPure varies the cadence and duration of the scent release. By doing this, occupants don’t get used to the scent, so they’re still able to enjoy the aroma and its mood enhancing benefits. 

Mood enhancing French-designed fragrances 

Customers get to choose from ten different French-designed fragrances, four of which can be loaded into the device at any one time. Each fragrance has been designed to evoke a certain mood, or improve performance, for the vehicle’s occupants. 

For example, Citrus Garden is a fresh, invigorating fragrance that helps people stay alert – great for early morning commutes. While Lavender’s aromatic blend of lavender and eucalyptus helps people relax after a long day at work. Motion Sickness uses a mint and herbal formula to calm the body and reduce the effects of travel sickness. And Anti-V uses natural essential oils known to neutralize airborne microbes to help clean the air in the car. 

All OlfaPure scents are certified safe to use by The International Fragrance Association (IFRA), the leading authority on the safe use of fragrance. 

Safer dry-diffusion scents

In order to minimize the concentration of VOCs, solvents, and other particulate matter in the air, the OlfaPure 7000 series uses dry-air diffusion instead of liquid-based evaporation. Dry-air diffusion works by applying pressurized airflow over a fragrance infused material, creating a stream of dry-air scent molecules. The result is extremely low levels of VOCs and other particles, making it safer for use in vehicles. 

Dry-diffused scents also perform better in more extreme temperatures, such as freezing winter nights and hot summer days. Dry-diffusion cartridges are also easier and less messy to replace than liquid based systems. 

Easy to install, use and maintain

Drivers can select their preferred fragrance from the four cartridges that can be loaded at any one time. Scents can be even scheduled to release at specific times of day, from within the dedicated app. So drivers can schedule a more invigorating aroma for the morning, and a more relaxing one for the drive home. 

Its compact cylindrical shape is designed to fit snugly in car cup holders. Powered by a USB-C cable, the device works automatically, turning on with the car’s ignition, so drivers can concentrate on the road. And after two hours of continuous use, the diffuser automatically turns off. Plus, drivers can use the app to check the remaining volume of scent in each cartridge (these long-lasting cartridges can be replaced in seconds).

The science of smell

Smell is one of our most powerful senses. Unlike sight and hearing that need to be processed, the olfactory system (that which gives us our sense of smell) is directly linked to the brain’s limbic system, which is responsible for our emotions and memories. It’s why a particular smell can trigger a vivid memory, or evoke a specific emotion. 

This effect can be observed in the brain. In MRI scans, unfamiliar smells light up the olfactory pathways as expected. But given a familiar smell, the parts of the brain associated with memory and feeling light up like a fireworks display. Scent has also been shown to influence mood and performance. 

Now during every drive, drivers can choose the perfect fragrance and mood for the journey,” added Blandine.

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