Mar 26, 2024

New Philips Ultinon Classic Brings Timeless Style and LED Brightness

Drivers can now enjoy the classic warm color of halogen combined with the latest LED technology

The new Philips Ultinon Classic LED bulbs, developed by Lumileds, offer the best of both worlds – the warm color of classic halogen lighting and the performance of LED. These Philips bulbs are compact and easy to install in headlights.

3500 K warmth of classic light in LED bulbs
Nothing beats the visual appeal of a 3500 Kelvin warm white light on a car, and now, thanks to Lumileds LED innovation, a warm white LED headlight bulb can offer the same brightness and clarity of vision as other LED headlight bulbs. The new Philips Ultinon Classic headlight bulb allows drivers to enjoy both at the same time without the need to compromise on safety or style. Our LED technology delivers a razor-sharp view of the way ahead at a classic color temperature that blends perfectly with the vehicle’s other halogen front lights.

Enhanced beam up to 80% brighter
Generating up to 80% more brightness1, the new Philips Ultinon Classic LED range has a beam that provides the same luminous flux and uses less energy than comparable halogen bulbs. That means a more efficient light source that is no larger and offers better on-road vision for greater driving precision and the ability to identify obstacles sooner and react faster, boosting road safety.

Installation made easy
When fitting the Philips Ultinon Classic to their vehicle, drivers can forget compatibility checks and adapter rings. The bulb’s ultra-compact body and identical footprint to halogen lamps are ideal for tight spaces. The integrated IEC 60061-compatible base ensures it will suit most car models2 on the road today. Designed for direct-fit, plug-and-play installation, this is a bulb you can easily fit without specialist help.

Quality you can count on
Rigorous testing and quality control ensure the long-term durability and performance of Philips Ultinon Classic LED bulbs. As a result, they offer up to three times the lifespan of equivalent halogen bulbs and produce homogeneous, uniform light throughout their operating life. They also benefit from Philips 2-year warranty33.

“You don’t have to sacrifice style for performance when it comes to Philips LED headlight bulbs,” says Jacques Le Berre, Global Business Line Director for Lamps and LED at Lumileds. “The Philips Ultinon Classic gives you the superior visibility of an LED in the same warm white color as your vehicle’s other front lights. It’s surprisingly simple to install and comes with Philips guaranteed quality as standard.”

The Philips Ultinon Classic LED range is available in the headlight bulb types [≈H4/H19], [≈H7/H18], and [≈H11].

The Philips Ultinon Classic LED bulbs are non-ECE homologated for public roads and should only be used off-road in Europe. Drivers must comply with applicable local legal requirements.

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  1. Compared to the minimum legal standard for halogen bulbs. ↩︎
  2. It is your own responsibility to ensure that the use of the LED retrofit lights complies with applicable local legal requirements. ↩︎
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