Sep 13, 2022

New Philips Ultinon Pro3022 LED Headlights

The Philips Ultinon Pro3022 provides a powerful, 6000 Kelvin, light with the stylish, razor-sharp brightness that only LED technology can deliver.
The Philips Ultinon Pro3022 provides a powerful, 6000 Kelvin, light with the stylish, razor-sharp brightness that only LED technology can deliver.

Stylish LED lighting that’s easy to fit!

Frankfurt, Germany – September 13th, 2022 – Drivers looking to upgrade their headlights to LED can now choose a new generation of headlight bulb offering superior performance and durability at a pocket-friendly price. Developed by Lumileds, the latest Philips Ultinon Pro3022 offers brighter light and a cool-white-light look compared to halogen bulbs.

Quality, cool white light

The Philips Ultinon Pro3022 provides a powerful, 6000 Kelvin, light with the stylish, razor-sharp brightness that only LED technology can deliver. It offers solid performance and top-quality illumination. The homogeneous beam lets drivers see more clearly without dazzling other road-users, and high luminance ensures consistent light output in front of the car. Thanks to the Philips Ultinon Pro3022’s precise optical design, its light is projected just where drivers need it on the road.

For a sharp beam, it’s also important that the bulb is correctly positioned in your headlamp,” added Jacques Le Berre, Business-Line Senior Director, Lamps & LED Upgrades at Lumileds.

Superior durability with dual heat dissipation

Dealing with heat is critical to the performance of LED lights. The Philips Ultinon Pro3022 uses dual heat-management technology to cool the bulb, enabling it to function at peak efficiency. A built-in fan provides active cooling, while the aluminum heatsink with its large radiating area further dissipates heat by maximizing airflow. Our quality LEDs, coupled with our heat management, ensure the lifetime and reliability of the Philips Ultinon Pro3022.Our headlight bulbs offer up to 2,000 hours’ lifetime, which can be as much as four times longer than the halogen bulbs they replace[1].

The particular build of these lamps allows heat to escape quickly, so they always perform at the optimal brightness level,” added Jacques Le Berre. “They also last longer, so you won’t have to replace them as often.”

Compact design for easy installation

Featuring a unique design that integrates the driver-box electronics into the bulb body, the Philips Ultinon Pro3022 presents a compact footprint that fits a wide range of car models. Even the smallest headlamps have space for these bulbs. Installation is quick and easy for professional mechanics. They can follow our Philips step-by-step instruction guide[2] and the provided compatibility list[3]. The ability to work with both 12- or 24-volt electrical systems adds to the Philips Ultinon Pro3022’s versatility, making it compatible with most types of car.

Some car models might pose specific challenges for LED-based retrofit bulbs. That’s why we’ve developed smart Philips accessories like the Philips Adapter rings and CANBus adapters. With these, drivers can upgrade to LED technology on a wider selection of car models. It’s easy to check online to determine if the optional Philips LED accessories are needed to ensure the best fit with their car[4].

Renowned quality and enhanced safety

Technologically advanced Philips Automotive Lighting is renowned in the automotive industry and has been for over 100 years. The Philips Automotive Grade Quality products are designed and developed following strict quality control processes (including applicable ISO norms), leading to consistently high production standards.

Philips Ultinon Pro3022LED range is available in the most common headlight bulb types, HL [≈H1], [≈H3], [≈H4], [≈H7], [≈H11], [≈HB3/HB4], [≈HIR2], and fog lights FL [≈H8/H11/H16].

The Philips Ultinon Pro3022 LED retrofit bulbs are non-ECE homologated for public roads and should be used off-road only. Drivers must comply with applicable local legal requirements.

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