Apr 2, 2024

New Philips Ultinon Pro7000 LED Signaling Bulbs Offer Superior Brightness for Safer Driving

More stylish signaling is now possible with the latest high-end LED technology

Suresnes, France – April 2nd, 2024 – Get noticed on the roadway with Philips new Ultinon Pro7000 range of automotive signaling bulbs, developed by Lumileds. Whether stopping, reversing, or turning, these elegantly engineered LED lamps will keep you safer by ensuring others can see you clearly. And like all other Philips Automotive LED lamps, these lamps offer long-lasting performance and easy compatibility with most cars and trucks.

Superior visibility for safer driving

Signaling the intended movement of vehicles is vital to road safety. To avoid collisions, every driver has to know what others are doing. And when poor weather reduces visibility, the need for bright and vibrant signaling becomes even greater. Philips Ultinon Pro7000 LED signaling lights provide powerful brightness across the entire portfolio of 27 LED bulb exterior and interior car and truck applications. Unlike incandescent bulbs that are slow to illuminate, Philips Ultinon Pro7000 LED bulbs light up instantly ensuring that other drivers can react sooner. And, for turn indicators, reverse lights, rear fog lights, and stop signals, the Philips Ultinon Pro7000 LED provides uniform light distribution; its 360° angle ensures the light is projected where needed.

Visibility with style

When drivers want to upgrade their style without buying a newer car, replacing their exterior lighting with Philips Ultinon Pro7000 LED Signaling Bulbs is a smart choice.

Our festoons and most white light bulbs are available in cool white (6000K) and warm white (4000K). Our SI [W5W] bulb is even available in an extra-cool white with a color temperature of 8000K. With indicators, position, and turn lights offering intense amber or red, the latest additions to our portfolio of Philips LED signaling bulbs provide the brightness to stand out at any time of day or night.

Enduring performance

All LEDs generate heat when operating, reducing their lifespan and brightness over time. Philips Ultinon Pro7000 LED lights feature an aluminum heatsink, which dissipates heat much faster than the plastic base used by low-cost, inferior-quality bulbs. Quality materials and engineering make Philips automotive lamps more robust and longer-lasting.

Widespread compatibility

Drivers can now enjoy the plug-and-play experience for signaling lights. Philips Ultinon Pro7000 LED bulbs use the same standard caps as the conventional lamps on cars and trucks, enabling drivers to upgrade without modifications so replacement is quick and easy.

LED retrofit and conventional bulbs differ from one another in terms of wattage and power consumption. Replacing conventional bulbs with other LEDs may prove problematic. Thanks to the built-in constant IC driver, Philips Ultinon Pro7000 bulbs are engineered to work with 9-32V automotive systems and are electrically compatible with most cars and trucks. Philips CANbus adapters are available as accessories for troubleshooting if needed.

To find out more, please visit: Philips.com/LED-Signaling

It is your own responsibility to ensure that the use of the LED retrofit lights complies with applicable local legal requirements.

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