Oct 31, 2023

Philips Xperion 6000 LED Flood and Flood Mini Work Lights Designed to Save Time for Service Pros

Two-part magnetic handles make it easy to aim the light exactly where it’s needed

Las Vegas, NV October 31, 2023 – Lumileds, a leading lighting solutions company for the automotive industry, offers Philips Xperion 6000 LED Flood Lights, designed to help service technicians light up their work area faster and more precisely. The Xperion 6000 LED Flood and Flood Mini feature pivoting handles with powerful magnets embedded in them, allowing users to mount the Xperion 6000 LED flood lights on most any metallic surface. In addition, the handles are formed from two halves that can be rotated apart to create hooks that can be used to hang the lights. These options make it easy for technicians to quickly aim the light where they need it to get their job done. Both the Flood Audio and Flood mini feature ABS rubber grip surfaces that maintain excellent grip even when covered with oil or grease.

The Philips Xperion 6000 Flood Audio features a variable beam that delivers 1000 lumens in flood mode, and 250 lumens in spotlight mode. The light includes built-in Bluetooth speakers that allow audio to be played directly through the work light, and also serves as a USB power bank. The Flood Audio features a motion detection function and a smart-zoom knob that allows users to easily control the light, even while wearing work gloves. The light can be fully charged within 5 hours via USB-C cable, and it features a battery life LCD display. Battery life is rated at up to 9.0 hours in spotlight mode. The Flood Audio is rated IP65 for water resistance and IK07 for resistance to impacts.

The Philips Xperion 6000 Flood Mini was specifically designed for illuminating work in tight spaces, and it fits comfortably in the hand. A glove-friendly smart-zoom knob controls the light’s variable projector function. Flood Mini features two output options; 500 lumens in flood mode to 100 lumens in spotlight mode. Battery life is rated at up to 5.0 hours in spotlight mode. The Flood Mini is rated IP55 and IK07.

“We wanted to make it easier for technicians to get the light they need, where they need it.” notes Jason Dreger, Lumileds Product Manager. “Our goal was to make the Xperion 6000 Flood Lights as easy as possible to set up and use, so that techs can get back to the work they need to do.”

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About Lumileds:

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