LUXEON Stylist Series: AtmoSphere Technology

AtmoSphere Technology creates the perfect ambiance with a warm glow that feels comfortable and inviting. Designed to enhance the dining experience by providing a relaxed atmosphere for restaurants, bars and other gathering places, AtmoSphere Technology can reinforce image and brand…all with the additional benefits of reduced energy costs and a minimized environmental footprint that LEDs bring.

LUXEON CoB with AtmoSphere Technology product performance at specified test current, Tj=85°C.

ProductNominal CCTMinimum CRILuminous
Flux (lm)
Typical Luminous Efficacy (lm/W)Test
LES (mm)Part Number
LUXEON CoB 2052200K90452502931506.5L2C3-2290205E06000
LUXEON CoB 2092200K90757841952506.5L2C3-2290209E06000
LUXEON CoB 1202s2200K90589654952006.5L2C5-22901202E0600
LUXEON CoB 12022200K906256941012009.0L2C5-22901202E0900
LUXEON CoB 12032200K9092910321003009.0L2C5-22901203E0900
LUXEON CoB 12042200K901430158910245013.0L2C5-22901204E1300
LUXEON CoB 12052200K90185720639860013.0L2C5-22901205E1300
LUXEON CoB 12082200K90278530959990015.0L2C5-22901208E1500
LUXEON CoB 12112200K9037494165100120019.0L2C5-22901211E1900
LUXEON CoB 12162200K9050135570101160023.0L2C5-22901216E2300

Matrix Platform Built-to-Spec

In addition to individual LEDs, the LUXEON Stylist Series with AtmoSphere Technology can be deployed in built-to-spec Matrix Platform options. The proprietary Oberon pick-and-place technology is used to pinpoint module color points to provide color tunable solutions that use any combination of low power, mid power and high power LUXEON LEDs. For more information about how the Matrix Platform can help achieve the perfect “dim to warm” effect in hospitality venues, please contact a Lumileds Sales Representative.


How to Buy

Features & Benefits

    • 2200K CCT provides a warm ambiance that is comfortable and inviting
    • Lumen packages from 500 to 5,000 lumens for a range of options
  • Matrix Platform
    • Dim to warm effect available in built-to-spec Matrix Platform LED modules with AtmoSphere Technology


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