Mar 13, 2023

Send a Signal with the Philips Ultinon Pro3100

New LED signaling bulbs deliver bright, intense light for superior visibility when stopping and maneuvering

Suresnes, France – March 13th, 2023 – Philips Ultinon Pro3100 range brings the intensity and durability of bright LED light to automotive signaling with a focus on safety and style. These new signaling bulbs are brighter and turn on quicker, giving drivers more time to react. The new bulbs are also compatible with multiple car models and they’re easy to install making them attractive options for car owners.

Seeing and being seen

Whether reversing, stopping, or turning, drivers need to send a clear message about the intended movement of their vehicle to keep themselves and other road-users safe. Philips Ultinon Pro3100 LED signaling bulbs have the brightness to do exactly that. Their signature vibrant light stands out in daytime and darkness, whatever the weather, enabling early recognition and swifter reactions. The bulbs’ wide-angle, uniform illumination reveals more of the road when used in reversing or fog lights, and unlike incandescent lamps, they don’t need time to warm up. Instead, they produce light instantly when switched on. In festoon format, the Philips Ultinon Pro3100 brings bright, eye-friendly light to car interiors, glove compartments, and license plates.

Lighting that lasts

With conventional car bulbs, the more powerful the light, the shorter its lifespan. At the same intensity, LEDs last much longer. Quality components and advanced heat-management technology inside the Philips Ultinon Pro3100 ensure that every bulb in the range offers a significantly longer lifetime than its incandescent equivalent – as much as nine times longer for certain sizes. Upgrading to LED removes the hassle of regular replacements, saves car owners time and money, and gives their vehicle lighting a distinctive, stylish look.

Trouble-free fitment

Fitting the Philips Ultinon Pro3100 is a painless plug-and-play experience. These LED bulbs come equipped with industry-standard caps, helping to make replacement quick and simple. They’re also compatible with a wide range of car marques and models, so identifying the right bulb for a specific vehicle type and function is straightforward. And since most of the bulbs in the range are polarity-free, there’s no need to worry about which way round they should be installed.

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