Apr 24, 2018

With New Philips Ultinon LED Lights, Drivers Get the Next Level of White Light for a More Stylish Car

Driving at night just became safer and more stylish with the new Philips Ultinon LED headlights developed by Lumileds. Now up to 160 percent brighter light allows you to see more and react faster, while the up to 6,200 K color temperature provides your vehicle with that slick, modern look.

Suresnes, France – Driving at night just became safer and more stylish with the new Philips Ultinon LED headlights developed by Lumileds. Now up to 160 percent brighter light allows you to see more and react faster, while the up to 6,200 K color temperature provides your vehicle with that slick, modern look. Built to exacting Philips standards, this lamp comes in a new compact design, making it easy to install in an even wider range of car models.

Up to +160%1 brighter light for superior visibility

Thanks to Philips LED retrofit solutions, halogen bulbs can be replaced to get the latest technology in lighting. Many people drive at night with inferior headlights, not realizing just how dangerous this can be. Dim headlights diminish your ability to judge distances, distinguish colors and see hazards in your peripheral vision. The new Philips Ultinon LED provides users with up to 160 percent brighter light to help them spot hazards and react quickly to them.

By choosing Philips Ultinon LED, not only will the car turn people’s heads, but these bulbs will provide a clearer vision. Facilitating obstacle spotting and ensuring to take the perfect driving line. Night-time drive will become more comfortable and exciting. The more drivers can see, the better they perform, the faster they react and the safer they are.

State-of-the-art LED technology for smarter light

LED lights generate heat that needs controlling. Philips AirFlux2 technology is a smart heat-management system that direct heat away from the light’s critical components. By increasing heat resistance, Philips Ultinon LED headlamps last up to 8 years. As most cars are replaced or upgraded within that time, these lights should last the lifetime of your car.

Philips Ultinon LED headlamps are also fitted with Safe Beam technology. This allows the powerful light beam to be directed exactly where it is most needed. With more precise control of light, drivers have greater visibility, making their night-time driving better, safer and more exciting.

Compact design and easy installation

LED lamps usually come with an electronics box attached. This device is the control center of the LED, managing its performance, such as wattage and light output. The Philips Ultinon LED uses a brand new bulb design. It has its control center integrated directly into the body of the bulb. Optimized LED size is key because several optics are very small. This compact design takes up less space in the headlight unit, allowing the lamp to be easily installed in a wider range of vehicle models.

A full LED retrofit range

Drivers can enjoy a complete Philips Ultinon LED range. From headlights to signaling to interior lighting, this is a performance and style upgrade for all the halogen lights in any vehicles. Drivers are now able to switch to brighter interior lighting for more convenience and style. Or upgrade to intensely bright exterior lights for clearer signaling, featuring instantly on stop lights that make rapid breaking safer.

Packed with innovations, the Philips Ultinon LED lights are a state-of-the-art upgrade for your car. And with over 100 years of automotive experience, you know Philips is quality you can trust.” added Kevin Gourven. “Best-in-class, like all Philips products, Ultinon LED bulbs provide an advanced LED lighting system for a safer, smoother and high performance drive.”

As a leading lighting solutions company for the automotive industry, Lumileds is licensed to use the Philips brand for its automotive lighting and accessories product portfolio.

To find out more: www.philips.com/automotive

Note: The Philips Ultinon LED-HL [≈H7] lights are designed for reflector headlights and not recommended for projector headlight systems.

Important: These LED retrofit lights are specifically designed and intended for off-road use only, such as rally and race track driving, and are therefore subject to a technical check for installation. The LED retrofit lights cannot legally be installed in on-road vehicles. Lumileds cannot accept any responsibility and/or liability. It is your own responsibility that the use of the LED Retrofit lights complies with applicable legal requirements. Designed for rally and race tracks. Not for use on public roads.

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[1] Compared to the minimum legal standard for halogen bulbs.

[2] AirFlux technology available for LED-HL [≈H4] and LED-HL [≈H8/H11/H16].

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