Mar 16, 2016

Case Study: Comfort Meets Sustainability at UK’s Ealing Hospital

Category: Illumination

Due to their round-the-clock operation and high lumen output requirements, hospitals devote a great deal of their energy usage to lighting. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, lighting can account for 44% of a hospital’s electricity bill – nearly double that of a commercial building’s. In this light, it is no surprise that hospitals in many parts of the world are updating their lighting systems to LEDs to reduce their operating costs.

Last year, the London North West HealthCare NHS Trust, one of the UK’s largest care trusts that serves over 850,000 patients and employs 8,000 people, spent 9% of its total budget on energy. In the interest of reducing lighting energy and maintenance costs to relegate those savings to other forms of health care services, the Trust secured government funding to upgrade its Ealing Hospital in Southall, Greater London, to LED lighting.