Mar 23, 2016

White Paper: Narrow Red Phosphor Technology

Category: Illumination

With increasing availability and quality, LEDs are widely used for solid state lighting (SSL). While LEDs have improved tremendously in efficacy and cost over the past decade, they must also meet end user expectations in other aspects in order to expand market penetration and realize the full energy saving potential of SSL in illumination applications. One key attribute is color rendering, which describes how “true” the colors of objects look under the light source in comparison to how they look when illuminated by a reference light source.

Increasing LED efficacy is also essential to reducing the cost of LED lamps or luminaries. It not only reduces the number of LEDs and/or power required per LED, but also the amount of power that the driving electronics must deliver, the size of the optics that shape the light beam, and the amount of heatsinking required to dissipate the energy that is not converted to light.

This white paper discusses Lumileds proprietary narrow red phosphor technology as an approach to improve efficacy and color rendering performance in LEDs.