Oct 3, 2023

New Philips OlfaPure 7200 Smart Car-Aroma Diffuser

Enhance your driving experience with an innovative precision scent diffuser and French-designed fragrances

Suresnes, France – October 3rd, 2023 – Make every drive more comfortable with the smart, innovative Philips OlfaPure 7200 scent diffuser. Drivers and passengers can relax, stay alert, reduce motion sickness or simply refresh the air by choosing from a broad selection of French-designed fragrances that come in simple-to-use Plug-and-play cartridges.

A superior in-vehicle scent experience

Philips OlfaPure is a smart device that carefully releases the selected fragrance based on a unique spatial algorithm that analyzes the characteristics of the scent, such as how quickly it travels through and stays in the air, as well as the vehicle cabin size. This balances and optimizes scent delivery and avoids overwhelming one’s sense of smell which is all too common with constant drip-feed aroma diffusers.

When our nose is continuously exposed to a smell, our brain quickly learns to ignore it. This so-called “nose blindness” means we no longer enjoy the scent. To avoid this phenomenon, the Philips OlfaPure is smart, and uses a unique release mechanism to adjust the intensity of the scent. Now, drivers can avoid nose blindness and instead enjoy the balanced delivery of their selected scent.

Safer dry-air scent delivery

The Philips OlfaPure 7200 uses dry-air diffusion, the best way to release fragrance in a vehicle cabin. Dry-air diffusion works by directing a pressurized airflow over a material infused with a fragrance or an active ingredient. “Our Dry-Diffusion technology distributes the fragrance effectively while minimizing the release of particles into the air, resulting in extremely low levels of VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and other undesirable elements, which means cleaner air to breathe,” says Pascal Charvat, Smart Accessories Product Manager at Lumileds.

Thanks to the dry-air diffusion, the released scent has no impact on interior materials, such as fabrics, leathers, and plastics. Plus, with the sealed cartridges, there is no leakage of oils when switching or replacing fragrances.

Four stunning scents in one single device

The Philips OlfaPure 7200 can hold four favorite aromas and there are 10 natural fragrances to choose from. Drivers can switch instantly to the desired aroma with a quick tap. So, depending on how drivers are feeling, or what kind of journey it’s going to be, they can choose the perfect mood-enhancing aroma at the touch of a button. Drivers and passengers can enjoy as much as a year1 of scent diffusion from four cartridges.

Philips OlfaPure is attractive, its ergonomic design is easy to handle, and it fits snugly into any vehicle’s cup holder. The diffuser’s edges are thoughtfully rounded

Natural, safe-to-use ingredients

Each Philips OlfaPure fragrance is crafted in the south of France from high-quality ingredients. All our fragrances have been tested for compliance with International Fragrance Association (IFRA) standards. This ensures that the scent contains the correct proportion of essential oils and that all ingredients are safe for use.

App-controlled aroma-diffusion system

The Philips OlfaPure 7200 smartphone app lets drivers select their preferred fragrance and schedule it for use at a pre-selected time, while simultaneously monitoring the volume of remaining scent, and alerting them when it’s time to replace the cartridge. The diffuser also works automatically2, turning on and off with the vehicle’s ignition, so drivers can focus on driving.

To find out more, please visit: Philips.com/OlfaPure

Our car-aroma diffuser Philips OlfaPure won the Red Dot Design Award 2023. More information: on our Lumileds website.

  1. Each long-lasting cartridge will deliver a consistent volume for up to three months, based on a suggested time of use of around 120 hours. Individual use and olfactory perception, intensity settings, and temperature impact the perceived actual duration experienced. ↩︎
  2. A USB-cable to connect the Philips OlfaPure to the vehicle is provided with the diffuser box. ↩︎

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