High frequency operation of infrared light sources is rapidly gaining interest for various Time-of-Flight applications in automotive, industrial and consumer segments. Due to the fast switching requirements of these applications, mostly Vertical Surface Emitting LASERS (VCSELs) are being considered. VCSEL technology however also comes with its drawbacks including mass volume availability, required eye-safety measures and high cost. Lumileds has demonstrated LUXEON IR Domed and LUXEON IR Compact LEDs can be an ideal alternative to VCSEL technology for Time-of-Flight applications operating up to 40 MHz.

To demonstrate this, engineering teams from Lumileds and Melexis have developed an evaluation kit that allow our customers to operate the LUXEON IR LEDs to high frequencies up to 40MHz. The intrinsic properties of the LUXEON IR LEDs result in a clean and repeatable response curve required for Time-of-Flight operations.

White Paper - Infrared Illumination for Time-of-Flight Applications

Due to the 3D capabilities of Time-of-Flight (TOF) cameras, new opportunities using these devices have opened up for a variety of applications. In this White Paper, we compare Infrared (IR) illumination for TOF systems using Vertical Surface Emitting LASERs (VCSELs) and Light-Emitting Diodes (LEDs)–and show that LEDs can hit the “sweet spot” for TOF.

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The LUXEON IR Family includes a wide selection of package sizes and optical features to cover all application requirements and fields of view. It is available in multiple wavelengths and beam angles addressing a variety of applications as well as optimized radiant power and radiant intensity levels to meet application requirements. LUXEON IR Family is designed and manufactured with the same quality standards as demanded in Lumileds Automotive, Illumination and Mobile segments.

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Evaluate LUXEON IR LEDs for TOF Applications

To demonstrate how LUXEON IR Domed and LUXEON IR Compact LEDs can be ideal alternatives to VCSEL technology for TOF applications operating up to 40 MHz, Lumileds has partnered with Melexis to develop an evaluation kit.

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