We focus intently on reducing energy use in our manufacturing operations.

The production of Lumileds lighting products requires the use of energy in our manufacturing operations. Energy use is our most significant operational impact area due to related carbon emissions and the potential for localized air pollution. Therefore, we focus intently on reducing energy use via internal efficiency programs and have set companywide targets for energy-use reduction.

Energy Efficiency Programs

In 2017, Lumileds launched the Resonance program to develop energy savings initiatives across the company’s LED manufacturing sites in Penang, San Jose, and Singapore. Initiatives included LED lighting upgrades, the optimization of heating and cooling systems, and investments in energy efficient airflow systems. To date, the program has generated nearly 2 million KWh of expected annual energy savings across these three manufacturing sites.

In 2017, Lumileds implemented 19 energy efficiency projects across all sites globally. These efforts are expected to produce more than 4.1 million KWh of annual savings , the equivalent of powering 380 U.S. homes for one year.

Additional energy efficiency efforts in 2017 included:

  • Organizing a workshop to identify and review existing energy measures
  • Building a roadmap to reach Lumileds 2020 target
  • Implementing an information management system to track our energy performance
  • Piloting a program with Schneider Electric to identify additional savings across all sites

20% reduction in energy consumption in manufacturing (in MWh/unit produced)

On Track

Energy Use at Manufacturing Sites (MWh)

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Case Study

In 2018, our Lumileds Singapore site was awarded the BCA Green Mark Platinum Award. The award was created by the Singapore Government’s Building and Construction Authority (BCA) to acknowledge efforts to improve building performance and reduce environmental impacts. The certification incorporates internationally recognized best practices in environmental design and rates buildings based on a standardized benchmarking process.

Lumileds two buildings on site earned points toward certification in all categories including Building Energy Performance thanks to investments made in energy consumption monitoring systems, efficient lighting, motion sensor optimization, and an efficient central chiller plant. Updates to the chiller plant alone have created 3 million KWh in annual energy savings.

“At Lumileds Singapore, we strive to continuously explore sustainable solutions that balance economy and ecology. The Green Mark Award is an acknowledgement of our commitment to advance sustainability and energy efficiency within our operations.” – Jim Day, VP of Singapore Wafer Fab Operations