Oct 4, 2022

Lumileds Expands 36V Options for Color and High Power LED Portfolios

Lower cost in color applications; flexibility and new options for CoB solutions

San Jose, CA – October 4, 2022 – Lumileds has released 36V options, now available through its distribution network, for the LUXEON 2835 Color Line mid-power LEDs, which are widely used in applications from architectural lighting to smart bulbs, and for its LUXEON 7070 high-power LEDs that serve applications from spot lighting to outdoor and industrial lighting. LED form factor, light output, and efficacy remain at similar levels to lower voltage options while current requirements are reduced.

In color-changing applications, such as a smart bulb or ambient lighting solution, engineers can select a lower-cost linear driver; this allows for the use of a lower-cost linear driver. Linear drivers tend to be less expensive because they use fewer components. Further, they can be mounted on the MCPCB alongside the LEDs, eliminating the need for an additional driver board and freeing space in compact solutions like LED bulbs.

LUXEON 7070 36V LEDs deliver very high output, approximately 1500 lumens, from a single LED with excellent efficacy – much higher than high-density CoBs with 6mm and 9mm light emitting surfaces. This makes LUXEON 7070 an exciting alternative to the typical CoB in many spot and general illumination applications where the light output and efficacy needs can be met with a single high-power LED.

For most high-power LEDs, there is a limited choice of compatible drivers. However, at 36 Volts – the typical range for a CoB – there is a vast range of driver options that are lower cost, more available, and deliver better overall system efficiency. The LUXEON 7070 package is just 7.0mm square compared to 12mmx15mm for a 6mm LES CoB and 16mmx19mm for a 9mm LES CoB.

The 36V LUXEON 2835 Color Line and LUXEON 7070 emitters are available today. More information and detailed datasheets can be found at https://lumileds.com

About Lumileds:

Lumileds is a global leader in OEM and aftermarket automotive lighting and accessories, camera flash for mobile devices, MicroLED, and light sources for general illumination, horticulture, and human-centric lighting. Our approximately 6,000 employees operate in over 30 countries and partner with our customers to deliver never before possible solutions for lighting, safety, and well-being. To learn more about our company and solution portfolios, please visit lumileds.com.

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