LUXEON IR Domed Illuminator System for ON Semiconductor Camera Evaluation Kit

The LUXEON IR Domed Illuminator System is a reference design with LUXEON IR Domed Line LEDs to enable camera system designers to effectively evaluate and design their surveillance camera systems.  The PCB is available with LEDs from the LUXEON IR Domed Line in different wavelengths and radiation patterns to match customer requirements.

The PCB has an integrated current source, whose output can be adjusted manually, along with an ability to measure the output LED current. The board is designed to be combined with the ON Semiconductor reference designs, though they can also be used with other sensors as well.


  • Available in 850nm and 940nm wavelengths to provide optimized performance for each type of applications
  • Radiant power: 4W optical @ 1A operation for a greater system performance
  • Three emission patterns: 60°, 90° and 150° to address diverse application needs, high punch, long range and high uniformity
  • LUXEON IR Domed illuminator System is form factor compatible with ON Semiconductor reference designs for the AR522, AR431, AR237, and AR221 sensors
  • On board, current control to allow for setting and measurement to allow fine tuning of the systems

Try out a LUXEON IR Domed Line Illuminator System

Sign up here to experience the LUXEON IR Domed Illuminator System for ON Semiconductor Camera Evaluation Kit. (For the ON Semiconductor Camera Evaluation Kit, visit the ON Semiconductor website.) Once you fill out the form below, the Lumileds marketing team will contact you to understand your specific needs regarding the demo.

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